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SPICY TREND: Jackie Russ Reacts to Bucky Raw’s Apology. Was the Apology a Wise or Foolish Decision?

It was a short telephone discussion, but all the information I gathered made me feel we spoke for an hour or two. Jackie russ went on to express his disappoint in Bucky Raw without holding anything back. He said, “Do you know that because of Bucky Raw his fans cursed my ma and all?”. Jackie who is Christoph elder brother, and one of Liberia’s best export when it comes to music production and videography, said that Bucky Raw should learn how to act like a grown man and stop overreacting to everything like a lil kid. He clearly stated that Christoph didn’t do anything to Bucky that he knows of…

He said the only thing that he is aware about is when Christoph shared Chilla Coolnanee freestyle, in which Chilla dissed Bucky. Jackie Russ said when he observed that his lil bro Chris shared that freestyle, he sensed trouble and told Christoph that he shouldn’t have done that. Jackie said 90% of the two diss tracks Bucky made was directed at his brother, and that’s unfair because Christoph is not the enemy here but Chilla.While talking to Jackie, I told him that I heard that Christoph is about to drop a Diss Song for Bucky Raw called Case Closed produced by him Jackie Russ. Jackie told me that we shouldn’t believe that rumour coming from those fake bloggers. He said that Christoph had the intention of replying, but he told his lil bro not to waste his time on bucky raw, that bucky his less important, he should focus on dropping his new song “Your own” featuring TK Will, that tackles more pressing issues than a rap beef. As I was trying to put my article together, that’s how I got the report that Bucky apologized to Christoph, Damn! I was like shhhhhhhhiiiiiii..

So with all the big mouth bucky raw was making he could just apologize like that[Laughs]. Quickly I went on social media and i saw this: Bucky wouldn’t have apologized if he wasn’t wrong, if you can recall the texture of bucky’s voice in that song, mehn! Buck was ready to fight until forever. It wasn’t just the Christoph interview on Strong gbana pekin that made Bucky soft, you can also say that he read the straight from the heart articles from bloggers like me that was seen as being one sided by his fans, but bucky was hit by the truth in the articles directed at him, it dawned on him that if he continues this way, he will be completely trapped in his pride and emotions, and instead of his good music heading to the public, all we will have is the voice of a frustrated man forced into our ears by DJ’s and radios that have been given tips by his management. which will definitely lead to a huge reduction in his fan base that took him years to build.

Check out Jackie Russ reply to Bucky’s apology: Do you know what? If bucky keeps reacting to everything like this, then very soon it wouldn’t be big names he would be going head to head with because they wouldn’t see him as anything no more, but small kids in the game, that are still trying to understand if they are rappers or wannabees that will be dissing him and making fun of him in a very disgraceful way in this country, just to rise to stardom. Before I forget, Strong gbana Pekin to interview Chilla Coolnanee, so Bucky can also feel a soft spot to apologize [Laughs].



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