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In recent times, more celebrities around the world have come out publicly to make known their battle with depression. Some even went to the extent of recording a whole album to reveal this, and educate people on how to overcome that devil. By the way i am talking about the Nigerian Rap god Mr Incredible, M.I Abaga who dropped his Chart topping Yung Denzel Album this year. While Some Celebrities have killed themselves trying to kill pain, am sure you know what I mean? we have had a lot of artist die through drugs overdose…For example: Whitney Houston, Amy White house, Mac Miller, and so many more names that will leave you shocked and Sad.We should thank God that Liberia hasn’t recorded any death of its Celebrities relating to this serial killer, but if care is not taken, with the way the likes of Revoluxon, Nuchie Meek and Homeboy Jethro have made substance abuse the new cool, we might just be on the path of hanging a black clothe(God forbid!).
Did you read Deng’s Open Letter? How impressed were you by his words? Deng started his epistle by telling us that his phone add a low battery. “Battery 7%… i hope this phone battery don’t die before i finish writing this… lol
Amen 🙏
Ok let’s get to it… 😎”, Was it necessary for us to know that Deng phone battery was running out? It wasn’t necessary, but Deng said this to show us the urgency he had to go through to get such a lengthy truth to us, it was an indirect way of telling us that his message is so important for us to read. It’s known to everyone that Deng is not the type that goes on Social media to post gallantly on issues. What is really bothering his mind that he couldn’t keep it to himself as usual? After the announcement of a low battery, he started by showing lots of appreciation,” First of all, i want to use this medium to appreciate every promoter, Dj and fan around the world who have been playing my songs over the years back to back without me paying rock… and made Pekin DenG who he is today.
I am truly grateful to Glapor for you all🙏🙏”. Then he moved into words that took the direction of humility, until it striked some provoking thoughts in my mind, ”

I know some people be saying ‘DenG is the biggest artist from Liberia’ which i have a little issue with but it’s their point of view anyway… because i know there are lot of great talents from Liberia who making it big now and making Mama Liberia proud so let’s just leave it hanging in the big tree and allow pekin ride his plastic seat car in peace.😎”, Hmm…is this humility or a sarcastic way of expressing pride? He even went all the way to mention that he cruise around town in a new ride, please Deng who doesn’t know that? He continued by saying, “Pekin DenG have received lots of love from every Dj, Promoter and the Fans more than any other Liberian artist over the years and won over 21 awards through their efforts.. so i refused to believe that someone is stepping on my career now or stopping my songs from being played besides two instances with my brothers Dj Theo and Dj Juicy Fingers that wasn’t that serious.

-Dj Theo is vex with me because he said I’m mean to him, i don’t call him like before and acting like big star on him now so he’s not playing my songs but we will settle that because he’s my favorite brother in law… Lol
-Dj Juicy Finger also mad at me because he call me one morning for an interview and i could’nt show up because i was very tired from the studio that morning so he too said he will not play my songs lol… but we will settle that too cause GRATEFUL is his favorite song and he was there for the making of the song.” Did you observe that Deng keeps calling himself Pekin as he glorifies himself by talking about his great deeds.To now make matters more interesting, he decided to address a serious issue of being accused of pride by calling out DJ Theo and DJ Juicy fingers. His note to them was a defense instead of an apology, he was just trying to boast of how busy he is, us prove to us that even those that her loyal to him are not getting back is loyalty…. Actually, apart from boasting, Deng realized that his DJ friends are saying the truth but he is so stucked up in himself that he can’t help but not care about them, and pray that they can make life easy for him by not hating on him but accept his new way of Life. really need to read this, “Yes pekin DenG hurriedly dropped couple of songs before traveling to the US cause my engineer advised me to drop something while I’m out of the Country but i have taken some of those work down because some people been telling me that wasn’t the real DenG they know and plus the fans deserve better so I’m back on the drawing board to give the fans a worth for their money.” Honestly, Deng just shot himself on the leg…So as we speak, is Deng trying to say that he doesn’t have a new management to help with his music affairs? Imagine, an artist as big as Deng is acting so confused, Deng how far will you go when you want to be the alpha and omega of your career? See, Music is not a one man game, team work plays a very huge role, Bro you don’t just need a producer that act as your special adviser or fans that twist your mind to make any decision… Bro you need a real management team.

If Deng could drop a song or songs based on the advice of his producer, that means the producer is someone that he can trust, but while would he drop the songs then later on remove them from accessible platforms because of criticism? Is this the first time Deng is being Criticized? Obviously no, but Deng tend to be someone that has lost faith in himself, he is easily swayed by the wind of other people’s opinion, and when you are like that you will run out of idea’s on how to please People because you are chasing perfection.
My people! When did it become wrong to inspire people? I am surprised that Deng has forgotten that he is a trend setter, should he be uncomfortable with people taking after his footsteps? Deng said this, “Now here’s the issue….

Though pekin was the first, as an artist, to start this charity thing i see everyone trying to do now by giving back to the community…
(THE DENG YOUTH EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVE).. and the first artist to throw a small Dj and Promoter Appreciation party at Destiny to reconcile with my Djs and Promoters and lot of other major work and achievements… but that doesn’t mean pekin is better than any artist.” While writing this part, he started by saying there was an issue, when you read through, the only issue you will find is no issue but him constantly reminding us of things we already know, and hyping himself as if we don’t know how much he has done as a top superstar. It’s no longer hidden that Deng feels abandoned by the people he feels he meant everything to…In this part that you’re about to read, Daniel George AKA Deng finally confesses that he is depressed by what people feel about him, he said these words,”Yor stop worrying me with your ‘DenG your music career is dying slowly oooo because people say you mean, selfish and don’t have a HIT song in a while’ so i should get pressure now and fall down and die.
When it’s time for hit songs hit songs will definitely come.

I’m not the first or the last artist in the world anyway whose music career is no more…🤷‍♂
Some of you are so fake and can be happy for people downfall on the low but be pretending like you care.
Yor please leave me alone let me do my studio sessions in peace, ride my plastic seat car and eat my dry rice.
Your can continue eating your chicken thigh ya.Now back to the music… ✌”.Wow! These are difficult times for the hitmaker, interestingly Deng just said his music career is no more. But the truth is, this pressure comes with the fame, people can’t stop talking about you, the moment people stop talking about you just know that you no longer exist.

People only talk about what is important to them, whether in a positive way or in a negative way. Deng needs to calm his mind even with all the distraction, I would advice that he sees a therapist, it worked for Harry Song the Nigerian Afro pop star when he suffered similar issues.I said this before, and I will say it again, Deng should get himself a proper team, and not try to be everything or he will just break down totally. I believe Deng can fight this thing called Depression, what do you think?


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