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STRAIGHT TALK: Confiscation & Frustrated by Andyzzy could not be Coincidental as it looks like


It was on the 13 of July 2018 when the Afro pop singer Andyzzy released his second Single Title Confiscation featuring SAMI Muzic Empire#1 artist “Novea”. The song was premier on HOTT FM with DJ Master Queen the host. OK!! Now, let’s go straight to the point…. First of all, let’s look at the word”Confiscation” it’s like having lost or been deprived of something. If you confiscate something from someone, it’s like taking away something important from them and it’s hurts. If you actually did listen to that song, you will realize he was depressed, imagine he was talking about I need your love and all that you really want something so bad and you have been deprived of it. “Depressing” that’s how Confiscation is, it’s a really nice and emotional song that takes your mind back and forth.

It’s a song you listen to when you’re having one of those days,if you know you know. But what could make someone come up with this kind of song so depressing? What really inspired him? like what Rush you bro? Could it be he’s in a mess up relationship that he has lost or has been deprived of Love? the love he need so bad? At first , to be sincere, I never had any of these thoughts. I never thought this song was real like about his personal life. Thought it was just one of those songs people sing maybe based on other people lives stories or life’s reality. But after releasing his newest single”Frustrated”, a song produced by Benny Sound & J Slught, I have not stop asking myself questions I’m not even sure I have answers for.

Like how on earth can that be Coincidental ? First it was Confiscation and now Frustrated? Is he actually expressing some personal stuff in these songs or it’s just a song? But it’s deep tho! From the beginning,we looked at the word Confiscation and what it means,we said it’s like having lost or been deprived of something. Hmmmm!!! Lost&deprived! Let’s also look at “Frustrated”, it’s like feeling or expressing distress and annoyance, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. OMG! I’m crying! I just hope my readers are getting my point. for me I think this is deep and it’s not just an ordinary song.

This artist could be going through some emotional abuse. If this is the case with Andyzzy, then it’s really sad like this can’t just be Coincidental, this might be real. But if it’s not, then it’s OK, these are just my honest thoughts. Andyzzy is a fine artist, he sings with motivations and inspirations. He’s not just one of those artists like I just wanna be call a musician or we all just want to be in the musicians fries artists with their meaningless songs. He got some real talent,no faking.

The music flows naturally from his soul.He sings like he mean it deep down from his heart and put himself in the shoes like it’s about himself. A very big shot out to SmoovHqEnt from plus Liberia family. What are your thoughts about Andyzzy two newest singles “Confiscation& Frustrated? Do we share the same exact thought, a little bit similar but in a different way or you think it’s Coincidental just like any other song? We will appreciate if you share your thoughts with us on plus Liberia. In case you haven’t listen to both mentioned songs, it’s currently trending on plus Liberia entertainment website, just go there and download these songs. Hope you enjoyed reading, thanks.





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