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THE MUSIC AND BEYOND: Bucky Raw explodes and Burns down the Gay Community with his Christoph and Chilla Coolnanee Diss Tracks

Do you really feel Open Casket was Leaked? Don’t believe that lie that Bucky’s Manager was telling us through his Live Video on Facebook. Look at this well, if that song was never to be released then it would never have been recorded. Bucky said this on the track “The only person that can stop me na my Ol’ma, lay my complain when your owna casket go down”.This is a clear indication that Liberian King George is just a Figure head, he has no control over his artist, Bucky says and does whatever he wants to do. Take note, it’s very rear to find a leaked song with a music art, if it was already not on it’s way out for public consumption. Liberian King George, Please We are not stupid ehn! Your team gave the song out for release, but to avoid bad reactions from the Liberian people in case the lyrics doesn’t go down well with them like Revolution and Kpanto first collaboration, you guys decided to play it safe like cowards saying it’s a leaked song. I thought the purpose of this new project is to showcase Christina and Pussy Coolnanee as cowards? but this simply act of not being able to take responsibility for a single song doesn’t make you and your artist Bucky Raw any different from them. Am I wrong for calling you a coward? I don’t think i am because before you and your team judge a man that he is dirty, make sure your breathe doesn’t smell as you speak.

What’s your rating for Open Casket? Wow! It’s 100%[Laughs], by the way that reply is in your voice, because if I am going to measure its weight and length from the reactions of most people, then I will tell you it’s in perfect shape. It’s possible for me to tell you that it’s the best Diss track of this year 2018, but wait! I wouldn’t say so even though that is what you want, Actually we have not heard Christoph and Chilla Coolnanee reply to this, so let’s relax before we conclude. When I heard this song, Bucky didn’t sound like a rap king to me, instead he sounded like a bully, he was just running round the same old story of Christoph and Chilla Coolnanee being gay, weren’t you expecting something new? That was the main subject matter and it made the song nasty to me, especially with the constant repeatation of the word pupu, ass hole and so on. I am not gay[Laughs], but i feel the Gay’s shouldn’t be disrespected like that, or would bucky raw say that he is not aware that his fan base is made up of this set of people too? Do you know that this can go beyond just a Diss song and bring a sexuality war? OK, let me give you a scenario: A gay guy may mark a straight guy in his neighborhood whose favourite song is this diss track made by Bucky Raw, and may just decide to do harm to him because he feels like an outkast.Bucky Raw should know better than to discriminate anyone, Have we not forgotten that he was recently deported for domestic violence? But now he sees himself as the saint, discriminating people up and down. Bucky Raw grew up in the states so he knows what fans can do based on the songs they listen to… Some can go insane due to a message passed in a song, Bucky Raw should have been more intelligent mehn! Music is not all about talking plenty on a beat.

Another person that was highly disrespected is one of Liberia’s best Bloggers, Sheik Mohammed. When I heard the word “Long Neck Blogger”, Chey! I was like is that Sheik?[Laughs], Obviously he is the tallest Liberian blogger. Bucky Raw is an ingrate, he didn’t acknowledged the great efforts of this young man during times when he wrote excellent articles praising his brand, but because he told bucky the truth that that he takes every little thing too serious, that’s why Bucky openly made mockery of him. Bucky, I have read Sheik’s articles about you, and not one day has he scolded you without pampering you with words of advise like a good father would do.I know we have senseless bloggers in this country, some people call them “blockers” but trust me, Sheik is not one of this wannabees. I came across a deadly story written by a particular blog where the CEO of Bilikon Records, Lyee bility was accused of raping trapco star Nuchie Meek.The blog claimed that Nuchie’s drink was drugged by Lyee before he committed this wicked act.The blog even said Nuchie is presently receiving treatment in Ghana because he fell sick after he was raped.I did my findings, and Yes! Nuchie Meek went to Ghana for treatment, but not because he was raped by Lyee Bility, in fact the accusation Slammed on Lyee are false. Nuchie went to treat himself from ulsa, and my source told me that Nuchie should have healed because the sickness was discovered long ago, but his unrepentant smoking and drinking habit made matters worse.See, if anyone should be attacking bloggers or a blogger then it should be Lyee rightnow and not Bucky Raw. Do you know what this has done to Lyee’s image and also his marital life? See, I personally feel Bucky Raw should apologise to  because he is an amazing blogger.

Bucky Raw, now that you have satisfied yourself…You have given us a lot of gist to chew on…Christoph is not just accused to be gay but he also wets his bed, his ex girlfriend Prudence also confirmed this with a post on social media.

To add, Christina also convinced you to sniff coke onetime, So from your statement he is a drug addict. As for Pussy Coolnanee, his music will forever stay on old road. You eating Chilla, he is your hipco rice.This is my question for you Bucky Raw, as a role model and the king of trapco, what’s your advice to upcoming artist that have hopes of building a peaceful music industry?

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