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It’s been said “If you are prepared, then you are able to feel confident. The better you’re prepared, the better chance you’ll have at staying on top of everything that is coming your way. There is always a prepared place for a prepared person. Only someone who is well prepared has the opportunity to improvise. To see Da Vero frivolously trying to improvise hurt me as a blogger and as pundit. Music flows in natural surroundings, natural ways, where the mind and body is aligned. It takes preparations, training to be able to get there and maintain your status there. Da Vero seem to be rushing into things, forcing her way through it and she’s failing woefully doing so. To be in the game is easy sometimes, but to make a name in the game through genuine artistry and ability is not.

If you think having your songs played on radio stations is showing that you have arrived, think long and hard again. Music is not about quantity but quality and this is a straight up fact Da Vero! Most of your songs being played on the airwaves are substandards and your vocal delivery needs more than just a fine tuning. You have had great success from the start so our expectations were high from the beginning. When your song COOK POT SEAT dropped, we rocked to it not because it was at national or continental standards at the time, we just wanted to welcome you unconditionally so you could give us a real hit on your next project. Plus we’ve been preaching gender equality so this was to prepare a seat before you in the midst of male competitors, to show you and other ladies in the game that we’ll stand as your supporters.

We wanted you to feed off that hype and warm embrace to find your true identity in the game but sadly projects following are falling short of expectations. Your previous projects are not even matching COOK POT SEAT which is very frustrating except for one “Mr Bad Boy” which by the way was not well promoted. When you featured on DJ Doze star stud track IT GOT HIT and you dropped some masterpiece bars barring the last few lines and the real Hipco Mammie Pepper showed in your skills for the moment. Your rapping skills was improving and you do have a perfect charisma for it. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things, new genres and new styles of delivery, as long as you’re good for it, as long as you’re good at it, as long as you’ve trained to the required standards for it then you can move ahead.

There’s a reason why Michael Jackson didn’t rap, there’s a reason why Jay Z don’t sing, and in Africa it’s mostly about commercial than passion I understand but Da Vero, when you decided to sing you should have known that your vocal deliveries must be on point, I’ve noticed that your voice is really odd (don’t wanna be harsh but it sucks). From NU PEPPER, DO IT GOOD to the latest NO MARRY NO EATING are elementary. Yes you have a celebrity aura about you, I mean the look, the star and appeal but it stops there because you have actually been frivolous when it comes to enhancing your game and skills. You’re celebrated because you’re a part of the industry but you’re overrated. This reminds me of American rapper B.O.B, so much potential and hype, he was told that he has already reached the top until reality checked him.

Today B.O.B is a forgotten star. Yes the industry is cruel everywhere, they can do that to you, give you a moment on the spotlight, this makes you feel you’re doing everything right, when the light fades you become a ghost. In our Liberian entertainment industry it happens too often, they might not want to be frank with you but I am. If you say it’s a must that you sing since rap is not bringing the necessary funds, find a suitable key or consider vocal lessons to improve on your voice. Please stop trying to be melodious for now, it don’t fit! Olamide, Phyno, Becca do dip into singing occasionally but they know the keys and chords to mess with, great keys suitable for their voice range in singing is what they mess with so you should do the same. Kizzy W held down the hooks and chorus for No Marry No Eating but the verses were very disappointing because those keys were not suitable for your voice one bit, other songs by you are like that as well. My advice to the industry is “Don’t overrate someone, unless they are trying to harm his/her career”. What we hate most are the very motivators that put us in gear.

A man drifts along with little to contribute until something agitates him enough to make a difference, whether for himself or for his community. This is no witch-hunt, it may not seem like it but I am in Da Vero corner otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this to her, this is to clearly indicate that there is observation and I am concerned, chance favors only the prepared mind but it’s not too late to go back on where it all went wrong for Da Vero and her team, go back to the drawing board, set a plan of action from there, prepare yourself Just now and better your standard. I hope they see this piece as a stepping stone to improve subsequently.

From me to you DA VERO


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