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Head 2 Head: The Untold War between Social Media Influencer Karishma DeQueen and Music Executive Jerome Pelham over Davido’s Concert

Davido – Leyla – Jerome – Karishma

You may have enjoyed the overwhelming presence of Africa’s Biggest Artist of 2018 Davido, but one thing that won’t be left unsaid is that the concert itself was wack! If there was a ranking of all the shows that Davido has done this year, then his Liberia concert would be the least, or would you say I am speaking off sense? This is not Leyla’s first time of working with Davido, She has always impressed and lived up to expectations and most times beyond it.

She knows her onions, but why is it that this is the first time an art she has mastered so much is leaving her with tears rolling down her face? One thing most people commend and respect Leyla for is that she didn’t leave our Liberian Entertainment Professionals out of what she was doing, but based on the little time she had, she couldn’t observe who was truly a professional or who was just baring a fake title based on recommendation. Jerome was closer to everyone since he was her P.A for this particular project, Karishma was also under this umbrella of leadership to avoid the heavy rain of disappointment and unprofessional attitudes, trust me this is where Karishma had issues with Jerome because he felt he knew everything, and was stepping on opportunities that should have blessed everyone.

Wow! Jerome was so bias that some enjoyed while some suffered. As a true son of the Liberian soil, why would Jerome allow a Legend like Nasseman perform at Davido’s concert without collecting a dime? He downplayed the importance of those that made the Liberian Entertainment industry what it is today, because he has been given little power to control a particular office, now he feels like he has it all. It’s not only Nasseman by the way, most of those artist that went on stage to render their service to the prosperity of the show performed for free! Some like Nasseman took the opportunity not because he was desperate because he can’t imagine himself not performing on the same stage with someone as great as Davido, but because the Liberian audience would be disappointed if the show went on without a Supetstar like him. Nasseman who just returned home from a concert in Denmark unarguably had the third best performance after Bucky Raw who got paid, and Davido the man of the day.

Most people threw heavy criticism at the media partners for bringing poor coverage of the event to them. Hmm… I wish you know the hell those guys went through to report whatever that was reported. Do you even know that there was so much restrictions and rules given to those guys, relating on how they should do their job which led to poor coverage. In fact, Jerome and Karishma had an heated argument, and what was this argument all about? Actually, you can tell that it took forever for media partners to be given credit as a contributor to the Fact that Davido is coming to Liberia. Many fliers dropped with only Davido’s record label logo, his in-house DJ Logo: DJ Ecool, Orange Logo, and Leyla’s Logo. Until the the day of the event was very close at hand, that’s when a jam packed flier with Davido’s face and logo’s of the media partners was released because Karishma couldn’t stop disturbing Jerome to do what is right.

One of the Media partners had this nasty experience while trying to get Jerome to make Davido’s Ethiopian Promoter available for an Exclusive interview. After all arrangements made, that’s how Jerome came with this deadly lie on the day of the interview of how Leyla is in a very bad situation of being poisoned by jealous Liberian promoters. That has he speaks, that she can’t make it, she’s on way to her home country Ethiopia for Medical treatment. Ayyy lor!!!(Native Liberian English), that’s how the media partner said he excused himself from the location where he was waiting with his team to interview Leylar who wasn’t sick but very healthy and focused on hosting the best concert ever in mama Liberia.

Karishma on the other hand wasn’t perfect but she treated everyone with respect and valued every effort you put into working with her on the Davido Concert. The Concert won’t have been this horrible if Karishma DeQueen had as much Power that was given to Acecape’s Manager Jerome Pelham by Leyla. But one thing I will like us to know is that even though Jerome was making all these wrong choices, he had a boss that knew what she wanted….so if truly Jerome was making wrong choices in her own judgement. she would have complained.

So in summary the country devil in this story is nobody but Leyla herself. There were reports of how she was disrespectful and insensitive too. It’s good everything happened like this, Is the Davido concert not over? now we know who is who.

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