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LIBERIAN FASHION POLICE: Who Should have won Lonestar Cell MTN Modelling Campaign?

LIBERIAN FASHION POLICE: Who Should have won Lonestar Cell MTN Modelling Campaign?

The Academic system would make you feel that those that have amazing grades would be the most successful in life, but real life has proven to us that the most successful men, going through their academic history were either drop outs at one point of their lives or forever, and some were referred to as dullards because of poor academic performance.

Should I mention names? I think I should…The great Bill Gate, the Mark Zuckerberg of today, the Star Boy Wizkid, African Music Legend 2Face Idibia, The Late King of Pop Michael Jackson, and let me add our Cralorboi and MTN Lonestar Ambassador CIC. To study in the four walls of a classroom is one thing, to apply the intelligence gained outside of a classroom in the real world is another thing. Do you really know what Lonestar Cell MTN was looking for when they announced a mind grabbing competition that displayed an opportunity to model for them? Lonestar Cell MTN asked us to drop our pictures and if we can get enough likes we would stand a chance to be a model for their brand that’s worth billions of dollars.

Who amongst the three finalist exhibited true intelligence? Anyone could have won the competition, even a baboon would have won if it could get enough likes as Lonestar MTN asked the contestants. I feel getting likes on your picture should have just been one of the channels to win, but there should have been a panel of brand and Fashion experts to decide who should be the Last man standing. I saw the pictures and the only person that understood the kind of model that the giant telecommunication company needed wasn’t the gentleman King Kelvin, or the very pretty Arthurlene attia, but the 3rd place Sianeh Doyas. Sianeh who is a sibling to trapco superstar Nuchie Meek, thought beyond are beautiful face to pass a message that Lonestar Cell MTN could effectively use to promote its brand.

The four square picture that had different situations that matched with the daily life of a subscriber had no match. The shots were well taken, her smile was epic, who wouldn’t want to see such magnetic smile on a billboard? Wow! Sianeh in the real world gave us every detail that a Model should showcase. It’s just that the Facebook world had its barriers, which is people that will easily follow the crowd instead of what’s true, and outstanding.

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