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SOFTSPOT WITH ELIC-JALEIBA: Why is J Slught Repping Nigeria at the Ecofest in Sierra Leone instead of Liberia?

I wonder if Patoranking was aware that JSlught is a Liberian, to even now say that he is a multi-talented artist like him. Guess what was going through Jslught’s mind as he took a picture with the International Star? “Yeah naa! ley make the pepo feel sey I coming make music with Patoranking”. JSlught, you should know that it’s been two years since Deng took a Picture with the Reggae and Afro Pop star, with the mindset of making the people believe that a collaboration is on the way…

As I speak, I am trying to cook up an excuse on behalf of Deng to reduce the shame.So I am thinking if I should say that the Deng and Patoranking song got stucked up in the sky, in the sea, in the forest, or it is in the same place with our missing 16 billion[Laughs]. It’s pretty clear that JSlught didn’t understand why he went to Sierra Leone. His management should have told him that wearing a Star boy Jersey with a Nigerian flag is a complete misinterpretation of what he stands for? No harm would have been done, if he made a jersey with his name “Jslught”, at least his purpose at the Ecofest is to sell his brand and his country to the international environment that was present at Sierra Leone. Everything in life is measured by time, and with this, Purpose is being discovered.

The Starboy Jersey wasn’t serving any purpose at that point apart from covering his nakedness, that was the wrong time mehn! as a celebrity you should know that the clothe you wear is a tool to pass a message to your fans and the media.I have actually said this countless times, and it is so sad that artists like Jslught are not paying attention to bloggers like me that will truly educate them, instead you pay attention to those one’s that spend all their time copying and pasting pictures from celebrities timeline to their Facebook page,not even a website just to be in the fries that they are bloggers too mehn! Some people need to fix up their life.

The Facebook Blogger Sheik Mohammed made me lose respect for him bah! Why would he post a picture praising JSlught for practically doing nothing but to beg Patoranking for a Picture like how a mere fan would do, forgetting that he is a star too…to add salt on Injury, his outfit is raising the Nigerian flag above ours. I don’t think Patoranking will make such mistake if he is in the position to meet Legends like Jay Z, Damian Marley and So on.Sheik, Aren’t you meant to be hosting a seminar teaching entertainers and fans about Branding in few weeks time? Is this the nonsense we would come to learn from you brother? I can always tell people that it is not every blogger that’s a brand expert. As much as Jslught deserves to be heavily criticized for such an error, you wouldn’t believe that he is the only Liberian Artist that performed at the Ecofest.

Wow! What happened to the likes of Stunna and CIC? How will those guys travel all the way to another country and not represent, especially when most people regard them as the biggest thing that has ever come out of Liberian Entertainment Industry. Am sure Jamal is all smiles right now, because he ridiculed them with an article on social media for taking such a dangerous step to travel to Sierra Leone by road to perform for free, after what happened to the late Quincy B Last year. By the way, Travelling to Sierra Leone isn’t a bad thing, it’s a tradition for artist to have road tours, from state to state or even to some countries. Honestly, I feel this is where Jslught and his management should be given a standing ovation. Though he had a wardrobe malfunction, but he truly represented mama Liberia in front of thousands of people, doing what he loves to do best.This should be seen as a sign for an incredible 2019 for the Beevone Records artist.




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