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STRAIGHT TALK: “I have two Daughters, and I wouldn’t want any man to come from no where to steal their Pride away” Kobazzie voices out as a concerned Father


STRAIGHT TALK: “I have two Daughters, and I wouldn’t want any man to come from no where to steal their Pride away” Kobazzie voices out as a concerned Father

It was a very ethic day for him, I and my team almost thought he wasn’t going to make it to TM Mall for the Interview anymore, but surprisely Kobazzie was able to breakthrough the long traffic that could have made him go home straight after his rehearsal at the SKD for the Davido Live in Liberia Concert.You would have expected him to have walked in sluggishly into our mist since he was so tired, but reverse is the case, Kobazzie came in with so much energy that electrified everyone including I and my co host Maria to the same level of excitement and joy that flowed through him.

Kobazzie knew that many questions would be thrown at him, but instead of him coming with different tactics to dodge some of our questions, the drinks on me crooner bared it all, even if the questions thrown at him will hurt. Do you know that Kobazzie’s first song wasn’t recorded by the late Quincy B but homeboy Jethro? So what was Quincy B doing at that moment since the gist is that he produced the hit song Body on target? Kobazzie revealed that he was so inexperienced then, and with that fact he was more of a burden to Quincy B. The wonder Boy Q.B got sick of some immaturity he displayed while recording, he felt since he went through the pain of making the beat, and was certain that he was going to mix and master the song, then someone should rescue him from recording Kobazzie, and that’s where Homeboy Jethro came into being.
Kobazzie spoke about the pressure he felt after recording “Body on target”, that was his first song ever, and it became an instant hit, so there was a lot of eyes on him to keep dropping hits upon hits.He was proud to say that every song he has released from day one somehow have had a major impact on the Entertainment Scene in Liberia. we quickly spoke about ” Drinks on me” and Kobazzie told me that the whole song came out of a playful moment that occurred in the studio between him and a particular beautiful lady. He said, while both of them joked, the lady made a particular statement that stucked in his head, and before you know it, he had all his lyrics flowing effortlessly on the instrumental made by Bilikon’s in-house producer Killerbeatz.

While interviewing Kobazzie alongside my Soft Spoken and gorgeous co host Maria, I felt it would be a total waste of time if we don’t talk about his relationship with his former manager Lyee Bility.Kobazzie came out straight without hiding anything, he said boldly that he is cool with Lyee, but the truth is that their friendship is not beyond “Hello” and “Hi”, that Father and Son thing they had has faded off with time. Kobazzie is actually not the same Kobazzie under Lyee, and this was obvious as he spoke about his tour in Australia, and Some states in the U.S.A, Kobazzie even spoke about when he was invited as a special guest to speak at a university. With the way he explained, it was there his desire to educate people about more sensitive issues than just singing about how much he loves a lady or clubbing. The talk of the town is his recent release ” Say no to rape” but I decided to take him back to how his Club Banger “Bounce” came to live and the controversies that it brought.Kobazzie said that “Bounce was recorded one year ago by Kizzy W, he said he loved the beat as soon as Kizzy played it for him, and with no delay he decided to work on his lyrics and that same night he recorded ” Bounce”. The fact that Kizzy W came out of the blues to claim that he wrote the song was a shock to him, Kobazzie said it’s a normal thing for a producer to contribute whether lyrics or ideas, so why is he the producer, if he won’t direct you on how to deliver the song? Unfortunately Kizzy W misplaced the file, but that didn’t stop Kobazzie from dropping the song even if it wasn’t mastered. Kobazzie knew bounce was going to be a hit song.

Kobazzie new song “Say no to rape” is not what he goes to the studio to record on a normal day, this time there was a need to switch things, because there are some issues that we should address, for example rape. Kobazzie said and I quote, “I have two daughters, and I wouldn’t want any man to come from no where to steal their Pride away”. Kobazzie should be applauded for standing out, but interestingly some celebrities are against him. There was a riot on social media yesterday when musician foreign ward and blogger Bellz Lulu brutally attacked the subject of saying no to rape.These are the screenshots below



Foreign Ward and Bellz Lulu didn’t go Scot free for their ignorance, but got schooled by other celebrities. Anthony Fofana who is a highly respected blogger had this to say to them, Check the screenshots below



I really don’t know why Kobazzie would be attacked for driving a positive cause.Rumours have it that Bellz who is 100% against Kobazzie is entangled in a rape case due to the involvement of her husband, and to add she’s about to divorce her husband. The story I heard about her husband who is regarded by many as a fake pastor got me wondering what this world is turning into. I pray these are rumours by the way, because it’s so embarrassing.

Let’s get back to happy stories.I confirmed from Kobazzie if it is true that Davido signed him, with broad smiles, Kobazzie debunked the rumour, but he said he would really appreciate if that happens.Kobazzie said that he knows how much his fellow Liberians want a collaboration between him and Davido, he said he can’t also wait for that dream to coms true. Kobazzie told I and maria that we wouldn’t believe that he has abandoned a huge project just because he wanted to see Davido before, and he won’t regret making the decision he made. Kobazzie spoke about his relationship with Davido’s Ethiopian promoter, and he said that Leylar is a sister to him, that she has done so much to push his brand forward.Some people feel that they are too close not to be in a love affair, while some feel she is his current manager. Kobazzie made out show Hang out on Plus Liberia TV worth watching because he was totally real and easy to understand. Watch out for another segment, and also a written version of all that occurred.

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