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THE MUSIC AND BEYOND: Kobazzie becomes Deng’s Most Wanted Enemy. Is it ok for Deng to hate Kobazzie?

Kobazzie – DenG

The rich will tell you that “More money more problems”, it’s easy to have friends when you’re poor because those you spend time with are as poor as you, so no body feels intimidated or insulted by the other person’s growth and prosperity, until you breakthrough like Kobazzie with a brand new car which is a gift from the President of the Republic of Liberia, and a possible collaboration with Billionaire and Multiple Award Winning Music Star Davido. Then Someone like Deng who should be called a friend and a brother decides to be jealous because it is not him that’s getting the attention. Actually, Deng made his thoughts known in an interview with the CEO of Strong Gbana Pekin. I feel Deng’s problem is that he feel’s cheated by life and those he feels should favour him( Davido and the President). If you could remember the pictures that went viral on social media the day Davido arrived at the airport, where Deng was caught on camera forcing himself to appear in a picture with Davido, forgetting that the session was only for fans and the African Award Winning Best artist of the year. Deng was doing too much to be noticed, and tagged as the closest Liberian Celebrity to the Mega Star.

The pictures didn’t say anything better than Deng being a fake personality, and a mere opportunist. Interestingly, there was a particular story I heard onetime, where Lyee Bility was trying to secure a collaboration for Kobazzie who was signed under his Record Label then, from the gist I got, Deng Slammed a ridiculous amount on Lyee as his fee if he was going to ever work with the Lorma boy. You know back then, Deng was hotcake so it got into his head.

The final gist is that eventually both of them worked together, but Lyee didn’t pay that amount, this time it was based on friendship because as at that period, Deng became more welcoming based on the fact that Kobazzie became a superstar too with incredible hit songs in a twinkle of an eye. Guess what? That song never dropped, and that’s because of the drama and fight that separated Kobazzie and his former manager Lyee Bility. Kobazzie in due process hooked up with the amazing Deng to team up with him on a song called Love.

The song did well on the airwaves but with proper rating we can’t call it a hit song. Deng should focus more on his art and stop stressing his mind on other people’s success, he is acting as if he his a nonentity when he should be congratulating those that looked up to him, and now they are doing beautifully well for themselves. Kobazzie doesn’t even look like someone that has time for Deng and his dark thoughts.With the information I have here, our own Lorma boy Kobazzie should be Opening the stage with a brilliant performance at the Mayor of Lagos Concert all the way in Lagos Nigeria for Davido’s Protégé Mayorkun. It’s really a huge thing for him.

Congratulations Kobazzie, this is your time so use it well.

I want to believe that it’s the same advice Lyee most have given to Kobazzie few days back when he drove the expensive gift he received from the President to his place in appreciation that Lyee stood by him when necessary, and even if they are not working together as a team no more, it doesn’t mean that they are not Family.

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