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HEAD 2 HEAD: Who has been a better manager between these two blood brother’s, Victor George or Liberian King George?

Am I about to turn the son’s of Pa George into deadly enemies of themselves? Some of us didn’t know that they were blood brothers, the only thing that was identical apart from the surname is the amount of Success both of them were achieving at the same time and about the surname, people do bare the same Surname and they won’t be related in any way, so some of us shouldn’t be categorized as not being the smart ones because we couldn’t guess that Victor and Liberian King George knew each other from Adam.
Comparing both of them is like saying who is a better artist between Stunna and Bucky Raw? Yeah! One reason why you would say that they shouldn’t be compared is because you feel that they do different genres, Bucky is a rapper and Stunna is a Singer. But do you know what? That’s not an excuse, they are both musicians and that alone puts them on the same page. If being a musician doesn’t qualify them enough to express themselves, then Bucky should never have attempted to sing in his career and somehow I know Stunna may have experimented with some rap lyrics too even though we don’t have a record to prove that. Versatility is what sells and that’s basically why the two brands are trending. Who is a bigger artist between Stunna and Bucky Raw? Instead of answering this ordinarily, I feel I need to ask one or two extra questions. I proceed: Do you think the Bucky Raw brand can exist without Liberian King George Or the Stunna brand without Victor George? This is what I feel, Bucky is more like a ready made brand, he has the spirit of a natural hustler, he can push himself through any storm with or without your help. Artist like Bucky just need a manager for the sake that it’s the norm for an artist to have a manager.

Stunna & Victor George


Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that L.K.G isn’t doing anything, but he is not sweating and breaking his neck like his big brother Victor George. The steps that Victor has taken with Stunna’s Career is something that you can call a total transformation. The Stunna we knew then isn’t the Stunna we know now. Victor who is a Top Executive at a fortune 500 company frequently applies his branding and management skills on his artist Stunna, from Stunna’s head to his toe you wouldn’t doubt that the hit-maker isn’t a hot cake. As for Bucky Raw, The only difference between the old Bucky and the New Bucky is his deportation to Liberia. Now he his closer to majority of his Fans, Which is practically all an artist like him needs. Liberia King George is not cracking his skull for new ways to maintain Bucky’s image, I think the only new thing he is doing is to hide behind his big brother’s shadow to survive in the game. If I am lying, Why is it that Stunna had to follow Bucky to Nigeria to record a song with Iceprince? It’s clear that Blaq Jerzey the same guy that produced “Balance” for Stunna and Iyanya, was the one that created the link up for them to feature the award winning rapper Iceprince.

Liberian King George & Bucky Raw


This is Bucky’s big break with an International act and this opportunity shouldn’t be coming through the connects of Victor, if Liberian King George isn’t feeding off his big brother’s hands or hiding behind his shadow. We need Liberian King George to show us what he can really do so well apart from him keeping a mountainous beards under his chin. “Be your brother’s keeper” this is one thing we should always do because it reminds us that the essence of love isn’t dead, but when your brother has grown to the point you feel he can help himself then you should grant him independence, or there would be conflicts. Even Nigerian duo and twin brothers Psquare had to split after all they have achieved together because they both had to chase separate dreams and couldn’t keep pretending that they could do that by sticking as one brand. My point here is, Amplified and CSE close relationship is warm and lovely now, but they shouldn’t get carried away by the fact that they are brothers and that’s because this two entertainment companies have different goals and objectives. There should be limits, see no matter how new, fine and expensive a car is in this world, if you drive it without noticing that it has a failing break, you would possibly crash.


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