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HEAD 2 HEAD: Who is More Prepared between Anitram and Melody to be a Leading Diva in 2019?

Melody – Anitram

Eye’s have been on her, not exactly for her endowed body, True! She’s beautiful with an amazing shape, but she caught the attention of a lot of people when she switched from doing gospel music to be a Secular Artist. This Question rose from the earth of people’s mind’s with dusty doubts, “Can she cope in the wild environment Secular Music creates?” Anitram who was signed under Lewis McCarthy Label ALM Records alongside Liberia’s Most Celebrated Diva Sweetz could hardly impress because Lewis refused to invest into her career like he should, the only outstanding project she did was the song she featured the Late Superstar Quincy B.

Anitram released her Official single titled “Jimmy” under the wings of her new manager TMark, “Jimmy” has landed her places, for example she performed at the Davido Live in Liberia Concert and Constant Airplay on radio. Anitram was almost getting the Crown as the future of Liberia’s No 1 Diva and Queen of Afro pop Sweetz when another very talented Personality and beautiful voice surfaced with her single “Stranger”, Melody gave us a song that plays in your mind even when you are not listening to the actual track.

Melody is not signed to any label like Anitram but she’s being managed by One of the Finest Entrepreneurs and IT Personnel in the Country Christian Quiah. This is where the Comparison comes in, Who is a better Vocalist? This Question is very tough to answer, they both have voices as sweet as honey, but the only thing is Melody sounds more confident than Anitram while singing. Reason may be because Anitram is still very new to subject matters that’s outside the gospel circle, but Melody who is so fond of this terrain would creatively do justice to any topic without her feeling uncomfortable.

Who is more Stylish between Anitram and Melody? Both of them are gorgeous young ladies but I feel we need to give it to Anitram, Wow! This Church girl Knows what are new path entails when it comes to fashion and she has not flopped. Melody dresses well too, but Anitram is sexier than Melody in anything she wears as for now. When it comes to stage performance, you would enjoy watching both of them perform, they both have their own style of pleasing the crowd which wouldn’t give me the chance to say Anitram is a better performer or Melody is a better Performer, they are equally good.

This Year is a different ball game in the Entertainment Industry in Liberia, the previous years have been Male Dominated, the like of Sweetz, Da Vero, Snoti, Mai Myers, Faith Vonic have Championed a greater course for Divas to be more respected and cherished and with New Acts like Anitram and Melody the story can only get better.

To round up today’s Head 2 Head I feel there are still rooms for improvement, Anitram and Melody are both ready to be leading divas in 2019.


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