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PLAY OR NOT: Kuami Eugene Spoilt Jaredo’s “Your Waist” Musical Video. True or False?

Jaredo – Kuami

All hail King Jaffar! One of the best ways to measure the genius of SOG BOSS is when you analyze Jaredo’s explosion into the wonder kid he is now. Jaredo in a very humble manner has become a giant in the music game and an artiste to always admire. Jaredo’s New song “your waist” is fire but can we say the same about the video? It’s a very colourful video, Jaredo gave a performance that would keep you on your toes in excitement, But in all honesty the video had a poor script. I feel if a video with such subject matter like “your waist” it shouldn’t only be done indoors, but the picture that should be projected is that of an house party.

Jaredo is not under age, so should he or his management be having an issue with sexy women in bikini and hot outfits roaming and dancing around with few guys or organized dancers? Jaredo’s love interest made the video very boring, from the moment the video started, all she did for a long while was to sit down as if she’s shy or as if she doesn’t know what’s expected of her.

No doubt she’s an amateur and using an amateur for this kind of video gets me wondering, what was the director Brian Ohene thinking? The room scene was cool, at least, She showed us that she could try to be sexy with her dance moves. Another error that’s so pronounced is Kuami’s part, weren’t you expecting to see more than one scene for his verse? What made it really bad is the shirt he wore. Jaredo’s dressing was on point, this will make you give kudos to the stylist of the video until Kuami appeared, then you’re like was the stylist or the video director Brian scared of instructing Kuami because he is a big star? This video could have been better, but the Video director messed things up. My conclusion is that if he provided a good script, Kuami wouldn’t have dressed below the Swag of Jaredo, and we would have a video that goes perfectly with the subject matter of the song.



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