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SPICY TRENDS: The Nightmare of DenG and Sweetz 20minutes Sexual Harassment Saga

DenG – Sweetz

Sweetz is not a small girl, even if she’s a small girl is it possible for her not to know when a man is abusing or violating her? Deng is not the first male Liberian Celebrity she would ever know or get close to as a friend or sister, The late Quincy B had a very tight friendship with the Diva that even sprunged up stories that both of them were dating, the popular Videographer Lorenzo is also a Close buddy and her Manager Lewis McCarthy isn’t just like an Elder brother to her but a Father Figure, the only pronounced Celebrity relationship she had was the one with Music Producer rawlo, all these men I mentioned are very much interested in women, why is it that she didn’t wake up one morning to say she was sexually harassed by them? Radio Personality Rickyslyn Myer’s Who could be taken as Sweetz blood sister because of the identitical Surname shared conversations of herself and her best friend followed with a short note to show the world that Deng truly wronged the Female Musical Power house.


In the Screenshots leaked by Rickyslyn, you would almost wonder why Sweetz mom didn’t take the whole issue as serious as her daughter, instead she was encouraging a renewed friendship and also trying to warn her daughter not to lose an opportunity to have a collaboration with Deng who was the hottest Liberian Artist as at then, Hmm is it alright to call Sweetz Mom a bad influence? There was a part Rickslyn Questioned Sweetz mother’s nice attitude towards Deng even after all he did, this is what Sweetz explained to her Bestie, after Rickslyn said “She Probably doesn’t understand the extent to which the disrespect went”, Sweetz swiftly replied, “Nope She does…But he has Charm, He jokes around a lot, acts humble, Sings Small…Makes himself relatable by explaining personal experiences”. I know some of us here frowning at Sweetz mom right now for being an ignorant mother at the expense of her daughter’s security. Please we shouldn’t blame the poor woman, She couldn’t comprehend the fact that someone who would try to hurt her daughter would be so harmless in character and be so bold to come around them and act as family. Anyone could take the whole situation lightly with the level of pretense displayed by Deng, but really if all this is perfectly true then Deng is indeed a dangerous person. Sweetz in the same nature with Rickslyn took to social media to share some screenshots, but this time the discussion is between her and the offender Deng.


What baffled me is the fact that Deng was still proving to be innocent even when Sweetz without holding anything back told him how devastated she was by his cruel act. I noticed that Deng’s response was just a mind game, Deng pretended to be innocent because he didn’t want the functions of a smartphone to outsmart him, he was trying to avoid a situation where Sweetz would Screenshot the truth so he decided to act and accuse Sweetz of telling lies on him, Mehn! Playing the role of the Victim when he is the Villian.


A lot of people are saying that this would be settled the Liberian way, the whole story would be swept under the carpet after all the noise has been made, they believe that Deng is a Superstar and the Law of the Land shouldn’t catch up with him. All I want you to do right now is to try to count how many people that have been wrongfully accused of rape or sexual harrasment, these men went to jail without any clear indication that they committed the crime that they were being accused of, some of them are still in South beach prison after donkey years in there. Nobody hates Deng, We just want things to be handled the proper way, Sweetz and her Manager Lewis McCarthy has come out from the dark to shed light on this issue, Deng and his manager are so quiet about the whole situation as if it’s nothing. Deng is a role model to so many young boys, if we give blind eyes to what’s happening, this young boys would grow up into men that will Sexually harass our daughters practically for the same 20minutes Deng attempted and if our daughters are not strong enough to resist then they would be victims of rape. My people! Is that what you want?


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