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NO ARTIST IN LIBERIA HAS MADE IT YET! These were the words of popular rapper JB Of soul fresh as he took to his Facebook page to exonerate himself from being a legend. Towards the ending part of last week, CIC did a little throwback on his Facebook page crowning some people Legends and some people Kings. He brought back into our memories some great people who have one way or the other contributed immensely to the entertainment industry in Liberia. Some of these people are actively still a very huge part of the entertainment industry and some are what we can classify as old timers. Whichever way the craloboi in his own little way was paying homage but on the other hand got on the wrong side of JB of SoulFresh.


JB took to social media to express his thoughts on why he shouldn’t be classified yet as a legend in the game and these were  his reasons: He made it clear that most musicians in Liberia  are not even on the level of some local artistes in Nigeria and Ghana. He made mention of some artistes in these great industries that are still putting in more works and not thinking about retiring anytime soon even after all the heights they have attained. Now this stroke a very deep question in my mind, “WHEN WILL  LIBERIAN MUSIC START COMPETING WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD?” In a very honest manner, i don’t think it would be any time soon because the right mechanisms and strategies are not being put into place. Collaborating on a song with international acts isn’t all to it. The Liberian entertainers need to change their mindset of being satisfied with little success.They don’t have a success mindset. The very first requirement for success is the one thing that all people who fail love to skip: A SUCCESS MINDSET. Not having it is the biggest killer of success in the music business. With the wrong mindset, a truly successful long term music career is impossible.

The World is beyond having your songs being placed on a website or having your songs being uploaded on YouTube. Many of these top artistes around the World have worked to the extent that if they decide to quit music at this very moment, their works will speak for them and not only speak but they will still get incentives sitting down in the comforts of their homes but can any Liberian artiste boast of that? Absolutely NO! Even the so called old timers, most of them are in their homes, thinking they have arrived with little or nothing in their bank accounts. The reputable people and companies around the World are looking for musicians to invest in for the long term this is why they invest in people and not in music. They want to be sure you are committed for the long term, they won’t be asking you if you are committed to the long term, they will be looking for the proof  based on what they can find out about you via their research teams and yes they absolutely will search for all kinds of things about you, your mindset, your commitment, your track record, your strategy, your value and elements of risk. Contrary to what the vast majority of people falsely believe, opportunity is never given to musicians. Opportunity is created by musicians who have the right mindset. Add value to your brand and reduce risks for the other side. If you want to build and sustain a successful music career, then it is wrong to depend on and wait for government or big investors in the music industry to give you opportunity. You must be proactive and create opportunities for yourself and others around you. It’s not as hard as it sounds when you do the right things.

JB who is set to release his first single in 2019 concluded by saying: “Let us compete with the World, not ourselves”..

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