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Will They Make Our Late Legend, Quincy B Proud?

Will They Make Our Late Legend, Quincy B Proud?

Something i have realized in this beautiful life is that, walking in someone’s shoes doesn’t mean you will take their footsteps. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean i wasn’t excited when the C.E.O of Heartbeat Record Infectious Michael announced the departure of Young Classweezy and Homeboy Jethro to Ghana to learn Music Production/Engineering, and in due time, both of them will be the new official music producers for the record label that has delivered multiple hits from the fingers of our late Legend, Quincy B.

My worry became, can these guys really do this, i mean can they make Quincy B Proud by continuing his Legacy of good music?
The moment this news came up, i was in a gathering, and before you know it, it was our bone of contention. Someone lamented “Ah! Young Classweezy likes to feel he’s more than everybody, when he comes back pah! It wont be small showcase of pride” Another said “Hope Jethro wont change cause he’s a very cool guy”. As for me i don’t know these guys personally, so i cant really say that this one is proud or humble, but all i really want is, Young Classweezy and Jethro should focus on their dreams of bringing back that lost sound to Heartbeat Records, prove your haters wrong, make your fans happy, don’t breach the trust of your brabi Infectious Michael, and please make your brother, the great Quincy B proud.


Written By: Edwin Mohammed Jaleiba [Chief Editor Plus Liberia]

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