Is CIC and Deng New Song “Itchy Ritchy” the song of the year?

Is CIC and Deng New Song “Itchy Ritchy” the song of the year?

“Sometimes you just have to let the beat speak to you” the moment he said this i was almost tempted to ask him, So CIC, what was the beat saying to you? but before i could say a word, i quickly realised that i was not given the permission to speak on air, since am not the one hosting him on the show, and am just an intern at the radio station, that can only ask questions anytime there’s a music break and we have to go off air.

You know naa! i still have to watch the professionals do their thing until i can qualify to the stage they are in right now, there’s nothing bad in growing(smiles).
If you were me in the studio with him and the Silky radio voice Melvin Dagoseh on Red Power 100.3 fm on his regular entertainment programme, Mehn! you will observe that CIC has matured in body, i mean he is now fat(smiles). But what will be more revealing to you is the maturity of his soul, you will see that the tragic incident that happened to him and our Lost hero the Late Quincy B, has refined his soul so much, that your heart will connect with how deep he values every inch of Life and its truth. It was just as if CIC knew the question i had in mind, shortly he said as the chorus flowed into his mind, “I wan be your Itchy Ritchy oh! yeah! yeah! Can i be your Personal Itchy Ritchy oh! yeah! yeah! I just wanna be your personal Itchy Ritchy oh! ” the only thing he felt he was addressing was domestic violence, he said women are not loved and respected the way they should in our society, addressing the issue is a way of using the fact that he is the most wanted Liberian musician to put an end to this evil act thats breaking homes and turning our sweet beautiful Liberian women into the devil they are not. At that point, i couldnt do but respect CIC more, he continued by saying that making a reggae themed song “Lovers Rock” was just his way of bringing real and classy music back into our dear mama Liberia. As we all know, reggae music stands for consciousness, and the expression of Jah’s love. I could tell you could imagine the smile on my face(smiles), the sun hasn’t been has bright has it before, mehn! i was totally impressed, imagine o! A rapper CIC being a big inspiration to me an original reggae blood, honestly! CIC is for real a complete musician, he fits in almost any genre, and not losing what he stands for “Hipco”.
Melvin Dagoseh asked him why he featured Deng on the song, and the multi talented artist said that he couldnt imagine anyone better than Deng on the song. As for me i could imagine myself on the song(laughs) cause i really love the song, and maybe one or two Liberian underground reggae blood like me doing justice to the song too, but the honest truth is our Brabi Deng did a perfect Job on that track mehn! (smiles). So questions came up about why we have to buy his songs, and CIC said that Liberia have gotten to the point where we have to do things in a standard way and start appreciating our artist. If you say you love something or someone, even if there’s money involved, you will do everything to get it. This is where i surprised him, he couldnt tell that the young intern that has been in the studio with him all this while is the Chief Editor of the fastest growing entertainment platform Plusliberia.com, I told him that i support this movement of we buying songs, and we will gladly place the link for all his die hard fans to purchase his new singles “Itchy Ritchy” and “Pray” online, two songs released from his untitled album dropping Sometime in December.
We spoke about his concert holding on July 22nd, and with every info CIC gave, mehn! I dont think you should miss it. And another juicy thing about attending that event is, you will be able to purchase hard copies(Compact Disc) of his new released hits, they are over ten thousand copies available.To avoid talking too much, I know you’re thinking what i am thinking (smiles), and that is to say that “Itchy Ritchy” seem to be the song of the year. Shout out to King Jafar, you’ve done a great job with CIC, I see you Papey(smiles).

Purchase links:  “Itchy Ritchy” – https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/cic14  –   “Pray” –  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/cic15

Written by: Edwin Mohammed Jaleiba [Chief Editor Plusliberia]

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