SPOTLIGHT: Who is the Most Consistent Liberian Rapper Right Now?

SPOTLIGHT: Who is the Most Consistent Liberian Rapper Right Now?

                         Christoph The Change

I don’t get angry at people when they are better than me at doing stuffs that i am good at, i have come to understand that the person is not performing no magic but just putting more time into what he or she loves than i am doing. I should honestly tell you that the power of repetition shouldn’t be taken lightly, it does wonders beyond any man can ever imagine mehn! this act is what we grammar people call Consistency.

I was inspired to talk about this when i watched the movie about Tupac Amaru Shakur’s Life “ALL EYES ON ME”, something you would really love about TUPAC is his ever blazing love for his craft, trust me his life was really messed up somehow mehn! with so much drama and crap but he created a different world for himself with his rap music to the extent that when he even died, seven post humus albums where released after his death out of the numerous songs he recorded. Interestingly, people could hardly believe that TUPAC was dead, and its not because TUPAC wasn’t dead, but because the songs that were released addressed issues as if he was still existing in our time and space, by the way that’s the power of CONSISTENCY, you live beyond the imaginations of men and can penetrate into any realm with your craft, that you even become more like a supernatural being.

The LIBERIAN rap game is one of the best ways to monitor growth in this great country of ours, mehn! we now have people we can actually call rappers, not some wanna be’s taking advantage of the little exposure in the music industry, busy calling themselves rap king and rap that. I want to believe you’re enjoying the rap game in Liberia as much as i am enjoying it, from the genesis of HIPCO Music, and now we are in the exodus of TRAPCO which is just totally awesome.

So no doubt, these guys are working so hard, from the CIC, Chilla Coolnanee, Bucky Raw, SoulFRESH, COZ, Christoph and lots more, but what i will love us to see right now is the King of all the Kings in the Liberian Rap game, and this is strictly based on consistency. You got to trust me on this, there’s no intention to disrespect anyone, i want to believe all my readers are matured minds, and wouldn’t have silly misconceptions, by the way i am just doing what my position as your number one Entertainment analyst and blogger entails, and that’s to educate you, you would rather say edutainment right.
I was on Miami beach sometime back chilling with one of the rap kings Chilla Coolnanee, we spoke about a lot of stuffs, and in between i had the chance to ask him about his Favourite rapper, and believe me mehn! King Chilla unfearfully mentioned Christoph’s name, i asked him why Christoph, and his reply is what a wise-man would give, Chilla said his reason is simply because Christoph is CONSISTENT, and really that was enough to take Chillas words has treasures, cause he was definitely saying the truth.

Some of us have had the opportunity to see Christoph record in the studio before, and what you will see is not just a well built handsome young man that may possibly pass for a prince charming for your beautiful sister but someone that has made rap music his everyday thing, and there’s really no letting go. What you will love more about Christoph is that he is more like a one stop shop, he has rap songs for all moods and generation, so there’s really no one that cant relate with his music and there’s really no artist that cant create a magic with him. Christoph doesn’t just depend on his records to represent him, it shouldn’t surprise you that Christoph is the most toured LIBERIAN Rapper, and i am not just talking about county tours but international tours mehn! by the way Christoph should be kind off lazy right now cause there’s no one that’s actually doing as much to catch up with him, but the son of MR NYENGA with his never say say never spirit is still delivering like he just started delivering.

I was impressed with his album listening party at Liquid Bar, Christoph is top-class, and that event went in direction with his great personality. How many rappers would do that just to satisfy all righteousness that things have to be done in a standard way? I am even taking it too far to an album listening party, how many rappers even have an album? many of them just dish out countless songs without no marketing strategy and packaging, please learn from those that are doing things the right way, cause the people that would be remembered are those that gave us beyond songs but music that will forever embrace our hearts. Christoph the Change by which he is often called is someone that wont easily lose respect from someone like me, why am i saying this? Has it crossed your mind that Christoph is the most Controversial Liberian musician? Christoph understands who he is as an entertainer, and he has not failed for once, cause apart from feeding his unsatiable fans great music, he tops it up with juicy news and gossips hitting every corner of the streets, the King of Controversy Knows that when you cant put your story in the mouth of people you cant be heard, your fans do more publicity for you than any PR company can do for you, they are all sort of news about Christoph out there that wont let you be until you say let me even listen to this guy this people are even talking about, and that’s how you will find yourself playing one of Christoph’s numerous songs, before you know it you’re glued and you’re already calling yourself a fan.

Instead of some of you rappers wasting your time getting jealous of Christoph, please take home one or two lessons from him, cause it is needed, if only you don’t want to remain a wanna be and a failed rapper all your life.


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