STRAIGHT TALK: Liberian Artist Bounce @ Entertainment Bloggers & Vloggers [BAROE]

As you may be aware that Liberian entertainers home and abroad have been at the neck of one another, one of Ghanaian based Liberian Baroe, has issued a serious warning cautioning her fans and other entertainers to wisely use social media positively in the interest of Liberian and for the betterment of the entertainment sector. Though she didn’t mentioned a specific name in her post on Facebook recently but general pointed at bloggers and vlogger in the Liberian entertainment industry.
“ME I TAYA!!! if you are tired of all those fake Bloggers & Vloggers in our Music and Entertainment industry is time to speak OUT.. (BigUp all the #Real Bloggers & Vloggers) They keep saying they are helping the industry, but how can u help the industry by fighting and promoting violence on social media ? We all need to come together as ‘ONE’ to build a better Liberia for us and our children because our children are the future of Liberia.. “There is no place like home.” Let’s use social media to promote Peace and love and not hate and violence, Let’s promote our music and tourism of our mother land, Let’s promote education and the Upliftment of the youth of Liberia, Let’s promote positivity.. Share it with your family and friends and let’s make it a movement.. (United We Stand Divided We Fall) #WETAYA“.
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