SPOTLIGHT : C-Note Speaks About His Diss Song at CO-Z

Spotlight : C-Note Speaks About His Diss Song at CO-Z


One of Liberia’s biggest all time rapper has broken the silence to shut the mouths of those rappers who has always been throwing punches at all the rappers in the industry claiming that they are the best.

C-Note a hiphop, Hipco, trapco rapper two days ago released a diss song hitting out at all of the rappers who has just been making big mouths, but are afraid of competition. He featured two other rappers who also got their hits at their rivals too.

In his diss song C-Note clearly called the name of CO-Z, another rapper in the game too. C-Note is mainly hitting at CO-Z who has over the time been throwing shots at him and saying a lot of hateful stuffs about him.

In an exclusive interview with C-Note at his Rehab residence he was very bold to tell me the reason why he did the song. But after a lengthy conversation.

“Were you signed unto Liberty ENT? “
“No, I was never signed at Liberty ENT. I was with Liberty because CO-Z has been my brother and I was the one setting up all their shows and bookings. I was like a backbone for Liberty ENT, I was there for them because we were brothers. But I never signed a record deal, No! “

“What caused the split between Liberty ENT and you?”
“I left Liberty because CO-Z was acting too superior. I would setup their shows and everything like that, but the dude would just take every reward for himself. Whereas, we as a team had to share the gains of our labor equally. The Nigger has always been mean and greedy. There was a time I hosted my own show, raised 960.00 USD, I used that money went S. L(Sierra Leone) to get some stuffs so that we can flip it and push Liberty. But CO-Z kept taking the money and never putting it back. He doesn’t care about others, only himself. So definitely I can’t be in support of someone who ain’t supportive to me. And that CO-Z and Christoph stuff, I backed CO-Z 150%. But when that thing happened with me and DJ Castro, he never backed me. There were so many crazy stuffs that were going down at Liberty ENT that made me leave.”

“Was West Coast ENT established at that time or it was after you split up with Liberty ENT?”
“Yeah, Yeah I already had West Coast ENT at the time I was pushing Liberty. I had my Peking Gusto with me, if you saw my latest video, it had both Liberty and West Coast Logos on it. Because you know when you start feeling that something is wrong you start finding a very easy way to back off that was what I did bro.

“CO-Z has been your homie for a long time, why the diss sing now?”
“The diss is pretty much now because, after we split there had been a lot of people coming to me with explanation that CO-Z is saying this and that about you. He was saying a lot of hateful stuffs, you know when it comes to how close you were with someone, there are some things you shouldn’t just say easily. And of late CO-Z has been teaming up with other rappers like Christoph and Revolution and they been saying that they’re the only best rappers in the game and the others should find an occupation. CO-Z knows I’m a rapper he knows my weight, I mean the kinda bars I spit, he shouldn’t have ever said that. And also saying he’ll put all the rappers together and put their heads on the coaltar. Bro lemme tell you something, this game ain’t for nobody, is for all of us. Saying you’re the king is just a statement, you haven’t literally won a battle on the street to prove you’re the king. To be the king you gotta prove it, it needs to be proven. The dude just been throwing shots, he’s supposed to be my brother, with all the time, money, and energy I put into he and Liberty, he had no right to do that. You know someone can’t be a fool all the time. I’ve been there for CO-Z all the time but he’s never been there for me.

“Why you didn’t do the song alone, since you had your own personal issues with CO-Z? But instead you added Nuchie Meek and Kpanto who were also throwing shots at Christoph and Revolution.”
“That track was not about who was on it. That track was about everybody expressing themselves, those guys were also responding to the shots that have been coming from CO-Z and his besties claiming they’re the best. But what the guys had with anyone ain’t my problem. I called CO-Z’s name.

“Do you have problems with CO-Z teaming up with Christoph?”
“No, I ain’t got no problem with Chris. It’s just about what CO-Z had been saying. I only said “the same pekin you called feggy, la your bestie na,”because you know is a diss song, you gotta say something that’ll get people scan. But I ain’t got no problem with Chris. You see, you kept calling someone gay, gay, gay, then you come up to team up with that same person, calling yourselves the best. That’s a complete contradiction, you gotta be real.

“Are you ready for a battle?”
“Yea that’s what I want. I said that in the song. CO-Z knows me well he respects my lyrics. He knows what I can do lyrically. When it comes to battle he ain’t up to me. The thing is he’s not going to respond or turn up for a battle because he knows me mehn. He knows.”

“Are you looking for popularity that’s why you doing this?”
“Popularity for real? If its really popularity, all the beefing thing that has been going on, what came outta it? If there’s not money involved. One thing as a rapper there has to be competition. It’s happening all over the world, it’s only in Liberia people are scare of competition. They just make big mouth and behave abnormal, but its normal. It’s not about popularity, it’s about statements. If the man didn’t made those crazy statements, everything would have been okay. Everybody won’t take every statements the same. Popularity? They can keep their Popularity, I’m not looking for popularity. Revolution, Christoph and CO-Z always throw shots at everybody and nobody says anything. But as soon as someone responds then they’ll be saying Oh that man looking for popularity. I’m just keeping real.

“Why are you called the god?”
“Yes, I’m the god of the mic. You can be the god of the mic too. Like when I get on the mic it’s gonna be super heavy. I don’t wanna be the king or the god of the industry. Everybody got their shine. Matter of fact no one owns the game it’s not proven yet.

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