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SPOTLIGHT: Fans Encouraged Sami Music Newly Signed Artiste (E. Fixed)

SPOTLIGHT: Fans Encouraged Sami Music Newly Signed Artiste (E. Fixed)

Speaking with E. Fixed in an exclusive interview, Sami Music newly signed  artiste mentioned about the excitement and euthusaism of the fans for a show.
He said, the show ”Chilling Night ” was planned due to the demand by my fans. Since the released of Ampay Ampay, there have been huge request by fans for a show.
E. Fixed just released the cover of a popular song “God’s Plan”. Which is now trending on our platform and will soon take over the musical chart due to the high demands of his fans.
He also talked about his collaboration with Novea, one of Sami Music Artiste, and their upcoming lauch party after completion of album.
He said, also we( I and Novea) had dropped couple of works that we didn’t had any official launch party, so the team is more likely throwing a rock to kill birds.
Klling bird with a thrown rock seems difficult, hunters knows, but as being talented he said, its with an amazing facial.
As we ended the discourse he said, Ampay Ampay video project gonna start very soon and a couple of good works coming out for Novea and I, the package is a very big one, lets the fans keep supporting me and hope for the best.

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