ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Would you accept a glass of drink from a man that has been accused of Murder by three million people? Hmm! If you do. Don’t you think you would be the next victim? I sat in an environment that could only spell two words, and that is Comfort and Luxury. You could see how welcomed i was at his home, the smile he wore on his face was enough to tell anyone that he was real with me. That smile was well decorated with every pureness of heart.

As we drank, I noticed that it was nothing but Juice, Yoh! that beat my Imagination. This Guy seems to be an Hardcore guy, and the gathering is an interaction of real men, So Why should we be going totally soft with Sugar? To my surprise CIC doesn’t drink Alcohol. My reaction created alot of laughter though, He was surprised that i was surprised [Laughs].

Then he took my mind to something that i should never have forgetten, He said “My Accident changed me”. “Oh! His Accident” I thought to myself, Mehn! thats something i should never have allowed to skip my mind, even for a second. But funny Enough, i didn’t forget that he had an Accident, Who would forget that? The error i simply made was to unconsciously ignore that Alcohol was also involved in the Fatal Accident that took the Life of one of the Most beautiful voices i have ever heard.

The Late Quincy B. My ignorance came from how fast CIC has moved on with his life: Made so much success, Looking at things from the outside world you would feel that he still drinks and party as hell since there is more money now than before, But CIC said to me and i quote, “I feel God saved my life for a purpose. This time, it’s to inspire”. CIC told me that i can’t expect him to say he wants to inspire people: especially the youth, then he is still involved in alot of crazy things that would rather destroy a life than build it. He said,”Growing up to be this big person. Alot of kids want to do what CIC does. So Smoking Weed, Drinking Alcohol, and exhibiting some bad examples. [sighs] I can’t be that CIC”. I wanted to believe him fully, so i asked, “Yes! you don’t drink, that’s obvious to me right now, but at least you can’t tell me that you don’t smoke, ’cause you need something to inspire the music”, and Mehn! CIC answered and said, “I stopped smoking in 2012, i tried weed ’cause i just wanted to be young and reckless[smiles], I wanted to feel the experience. Smoking weed had nothing to do with peer pressure, it was something that had to do with me just being me. With the absence of Anti-depressants, i have been able to Master My Fears and that has automatically enable me to Master my Art, Which is my music. We already have a slow motion industry and i think i have to do alot to influence the streets positively. These days i go on stage and even perform better than those that have to drink or smoke, or even take extra stuffs to come on stage to perform.” We have always felt that the only person CIC is grateful to apart from GOD when it comes to his Music Career is King Jafar, but in this exclusive interview with the CRALORBOI…He said,”I used to buy gas all the way guinea yard logan town to put in the Generator for top Stars to record at Jackie Russ Studio. Alot of us won’t be here if not for Jackie Russ. Jackie used to record me for free. Give me money for food. If anyone deserves an humanitarian award then it’s Jackie Russ.” When he said all these great stuffs about Jackie. I was wondering why he couldn’t call him up for his Big Collabo with Iyanya! Didn’t CIC know that it should have been a perfect way to appreciate Jackie for those priceless favours? By the way, I asked CIC why didn’t he get Jackie Russ to produce the song, and he said “Jackie was out of town so he couldn’t record. I even called him to shoot the video and he said he wasn’t available”, From there i understood that CIC isn’t an hypocrite, he is always loyal to those that have been loyal to him. it’s just that Jackie had alot on his plate, I am so sure Jackie is so proud that his Pekin is doing great. I never knew CIC was able to get IYANYA to be in the video of the song with him, Mehn! he must have been able to build an excellent relationship with the Superstar. Then i asked: How did you and Iyanya meet? “I was home, never had plans to go out. Jafar called that Iyanya requested to meet me. When he hit me up, he said: Call a producer, Iyanya wants to work with you”.

Wow! I heard this, and i’m like so World class stars like Iyanya can actually be hungry to work with a Liberian Artist. Trust me mehn! All i felt was hope deep inside of me, It was a clear sign that Liberian Music is penetrating outside the shores of this Nation to other Nations. Let me confess to you, i was one of those people that kind of felt that this koloqua thing won’t make CIC international, Mehn! This move with Iyanya has sealed my lips.  CIC even played the video for me, and when i watched it. I was like: Liberian’s would be blown away when they watch their own CIC with an International Star like Iyanya rubbing shoulders as if they were born on the same day, the video was directed by ALEXANDER WLAPEH[HUSH].

CIC revealed that doing a song with Iyanya didn’t give him a second thought to twist or change his sound, he said “My sound is more Liberian, and will always be Liberian. The Album is already big, so having names like Iyanya is just to make it bigger”. He spoke more about his forthcoming album, and these are his words, “I have a song with a little bit of french in it, I have different goals every year. I don’t repeat the same strategy. Liberian people like New things, the Album already has ten songs. If not ten videos, it will have eight videos. I have a song with Alonzo, the Liberian/Sierra Leonean Artist, It already has a video. They have been claims that i used Online beats for most of my songs[smiles], Hmm! These so called Online beats are called rhythm. Beats made for free use by producers online. I actually used this beats in my mixtape, and this is actually appropriate. I wasn’t working on an album, it was just a mixtape that was made just to give my fans different faces to my sound, I was just experimenting. You won’t find any rhythm beat on my album i assure you. ITCHY RICHY beat was made for me by YK beats. Yk is a producer that sends me beat samples now and then for me to buy from him. ITCHY RICHY beat was played Live, and i paid 1,700 US dollars for it, I don’t steal peoples beats”.

CIC has moved on from his past, and he is doing so well with his present, and he couldn’t do but hint us about some future plans, Infact i asked him Questions relating to rumours about departing SOG, and actually there have been a New Name called CRALORBOI EMPIRE spreading all over…Hmm! CIC revealed, “Cralorboi Empire has nothing to do with breaking away from King Jafar, I am a founding member of SOG. Cralorboi Empire is about scouting talents, we won’t be a label that will hold an Artist down. It’s just about grooming, and making Artist Matured for the Big Stage.We will go into the slums, pick up an artist, brush him or her up, and sell”.

I was impressed, so i joked with him and said, “CIC i should start considering you to be the Arsène Wenger of the Liberian music scene then”, he laughed so hard to this, and agreed by saying Yes![smiles]. CIC Poured so much from his channel of thoughts that i almost felt like mehn! this guy must be a parrot… But interestingly, The Cralorboi grew up as a shy boy in the Brewerville Community, living in a Fence under parents that were strict and straight. He said that he still has not outgrown being shy except when he is doing what he does as an Entertainer. I observed that he was just happy talking to someone that loves and understands music like he does, even though music for me is not on a Major, but as Liberian Most Outstanding Blogger he couldn’t do but Just be Real with me. He spoke about always being an A student from the first day he stepped his legs into school until now. He looked into my eyes and said,”If you think i am lying, you can go to S.D.A or ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC SCHOOL, LOCRE or even EARLY LEARNING to ask about the kind of student i was”.

CIC also pinched into his faulty relationship with KIZZY W, He reminisced on the times that they were cool… He said and i quote, “We practically slept on the ground, We had times that we slept hungry together…We have upto 30 unreleased songs…And thats cause we knew what we wanted from Life and Music”. He made it clear to me that i shouldn’t mind the division between them now, that they are still brothers, He added “I can’t promise a Kizzy collabo on this album, but in the future we can work”.

Chey! I know i have made you to read alot about CIC right now…with all these details, Should we love or hate CIC?


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