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Afo4doe who’s real name is Augustine Kokro Ford is a Liberian Afropop artist, Sound Engineer, Comedian, and video producer. He was born in Fusebu, Lofa County. His father the late Mr. Dennis Ford was amongst the engineers who built the new bridge in Monrovia. And his mother Mrs. Cynthia Kokro Jones a nurse.
Afo4doe started entertainment at a very tender age. When he was just six(6) months old he started playing the tunes of a toy keyboard his Mother bought him as a present. Between three(3) to four(4) years he already knew the chords to play Jingle Bells and Merry Christmas rhythms. Born in a family of talented individuals, there is a clear picture why Afo4doe is such a talented person that he is. He took his comedian side from his father who was quite hilarious, and his musician side from his mother who was a part time guitarist. As an adolescent, Augustine started liking the vibes of one of Hipco’s legends Noy-Z who he sees as a role model or more. In the sixth(6th) grade, Augustine sang for the first time when he freestyled to Noy-Z’s newest hit at the time “I book you” in a classroom competition between he and Moses Vally his friend. He won, and from that day he grew the enthusiasm to start doing his own songs. Then in 2003 his brother DJ. Shark (Shaffa Kokro) downloaded FL studio, read through the manual and the next day did a song for Afo4doe called “One Minute Kiss”. Afo4doe started loving engineering through his brother’s work and began learning from him. DJ. Shark was the CEO of Shark City, the first record Afo4doe became part of including others like; T-Ben, T-Bone, and Da Rich. In 2008 Shark City released their first album produced by Jackie Russ. In that same year Afo4doe recorded his first single “Rock Your Body” Prod by Jackie Russ. But Shark City broke apart in 2010 the same year Afo4doe moved to Rehab and with the little knowledge he got from his brother he started working on creating beats on his PC. Then in 2012, he founded Holy Records, brought in Kpanto but later signed him in 2014. He went Nigerian in 2015 to study music attending the Tenstring School of Music. His dreams came true one year later when he graduated top of his class and as Liberia Brand Ambassador to the institution. He also served as instructor at that same school. Afo4doe came back to Liberia and brought Holy Records to full action, with the singing of Staffs and Artist that included: Bless Diatye – Co CEO
Emmanuel K. Johnson – Advisor
Switch Kaba – Vice President
Artist: Kpanto, Prime, Revelation, Incredible, Paradise Queen, Bad Man H, and Mr. Reeves. He has collaborated to produce songs with Venny Beats, Killerbeatz, Kizzy W, DJ Shark, Music Man, and Rapkid. He has the estimated total of Four Hundred Songs to his discography, majority of which he did while attending the music school in Nigeria.


In an exclusive interview with Afo4doe, he spoke of the impact he’s making in the game, the true story behind the “TROUBLE” song, his relationship and Education. Stroll down for the details.

You’ve been actively into entertainment for more than Seven years now. What Impact have you made on the industry?

Uhh I’ve done several great songs that are banging in the City right now bro. Moreover I have one of the best and modern studio in Liberia, I record at affordable prices and sometimes free bro just to promote the game.

Do you have any level of guidance over your artist? I mean like at times questioning what they do or don’t do?

Yea of course bro, I’m like a mentor for them. They respect me as I respect them. But you know na, you can’t be too hot or clingy on those guys mehn. They are big boys but seriously I monitor their activities and try my best to make sure they do the right thing.

Ok, then what’s up with your artist Kpanto on the “Trouble” song? You were present when the song was recorded?

Hmmm, yea I was in the studio that day. You see we wanted that song to be a cool song. Matter of fact Holy Records went to do a peaceful collaboration. Here is it, Kpanto was the first, he did his part and paused, but when Revolution came in my man, he started insulting throwing abusive words at Kpanto. And you know bro, what make man shame makes he vex, Kpanto felt humiliated and that was when I told him to just do whatever to defend himself. But actually that was not what we wanted bro. And after that I personally apologize to the public on behalf of Kpanto, Holy Records and myself.

Why people call you crazy and you answer I know?

Haha, listen bro, that’s how I want people to see me, let them take me to be a crazy person because I’m crazy Hahaha. I’m crazy and I know so let people accept that. You see that’s when you know true friends. The way I dress, talk, and act in front of people, anyone who sees me like that and befriends me up a true friend. I don’t want any fake friends like the ones who knows your true personality and wants to be your friend because of that. I don’t want no fake love bro, that’s why I love my team bro they are my true friends. And I know after this interview la li time some people will want to be my friend. But I’ll still be crazy and will know their true colors Hahaha.
“Afo4doe you crazy oooo” – “I know J…. ”

Could you elaborate a bit on your educational status?

My man, at least I can read and write. And let the public know that is because of this that I’m getting what I’m getting. But seriously very very educated bro.
Matter of fact I graduated from Paynesville SDA and got three AAs from the music school I attended in Nigeria. I was studying English and Sociology at AMEU as a Junior Student.


What of your relationship?

I’m in a relationship with the most beautiful lady in the world. She’s Ruth Kormayah a student studying Nursing at Smythe Institute.


And Family?
Oh my senior brother, Dennis Ford Jr. Patrick Foday and Otis Kokro my cousins.


Studio Loccation and Info: Holy Records Studio is in Rehab Paynesville. For bookings, recording, and video shoot contact +231776684152


Written by : Aketella Kerkula Blama [Editor at PlusLiberia]

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