KOLO VIBES WITH JARTU: CIC Hello Video La Bomb, But Wetin Yor Say About Joey B Part in Ley Video?

Fwes of all, y’all alrealy kno Cralo, he sign to SOG records empire n he one of ley best koloqua/hip co artist so far. Lay few day, ly man na drap so so fyn fyn music video neh, but ley wan where he feature Joey B on la ay I talking abt.


If u looka CIC part of ley video, la ly tin book man can call classy. Ley recording clear, ley place ly do ley video ay fyn n Ley chemistry in ley video, la ley tin la maky fyn more. Joey B wor na force to be in la video, ley wor Jeh coming use his voice, why ley camera jeh be on CIC n la fyn chamo. Ley video wor coming be more classy if ley wor na coming to put Joey B part inside.


Ley tin la make me to say Joey B part in ley video wack, fwes, y’all jeh looka ley recording, ay na even clear, ay looking Jeh leh cellcom 4G phone recording. La na only la wan oooo ur see ley way he appear looking simple n reckless Jeh leh wen sombaly spend ley whole day in ley yard. I na say people mon na appear simple in videos oooo bt la na Jeh any kana video.


La certain certain music video u na Jeh surposto appear reckless n simple like Hello video, ay wor surposto be all classy. He na do Justice to ley video, he make ley whole video looking wack. I na kno ley person la direct la video wor blind la ley wan tell me say he na even notice? I na kno abt ur oooo but for me, i think ery video suposto geh Standard set, tell ly person hw u wan ur video to be n let them meet up with ley standard u set.

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If ley na agree, then ley na force to be inside. u will na go work hard to make ley best out of somthin, then one individual come maky ugly. Joey B na add any value to Hello music video, like ay na mean anythin to him. Big Shot out to CIC mehn! u can see he really make effort for la video to be classy. to all our readers, ur write ur comment so we can kno wetin ur say and hw ur feeling abt Joey B part in CIC Hello video!!!!!!!




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