SPICEY TRENDS: Why Have Telecommunication Giant LONESTAR CELL MTN Chosen to Defraud PCK & L’Frankie?

Now I know why Liberian Artist are poor.Trust me, It’s not that Money is not coming in, but this thing called Corruption is not just in the Government alone but everywhere; and when I say everywhere I would include the Liberian Entertainment world. Investors used to complain that Liberian Musicians were not putting extra effort into their art that’s why they weren’t getting support, based on that the Liberian Artist through Sleepless Nights and tough days was able to upgrade their Music but still we are still singing the same song, and that song is “No Support”.

My people, To even make matters more interesting, Some musicians are not even singing the song of “No Support” but their Cry rightnow is of being Defrauded by these investors and Multinational Companies. Do you know that LONESTAR CELL MTN have been owing L’Frankie and PCK Millions of Dollars for the past two years? Hmm…How did this happen? L’Frankie made it clear to me when I made a call through to him, He said and I quote “It was when we dropped our hit song I HERE in 2016….


We signed a contract with LONESTAR CELL MTN that the song would be used as Caller tunes, and the income that comes from it would be shared equally, and that is 50/50.But to our deepest surprise we have not received a dime from it”. I heard this, and I said to myself, Is it possible that LONESTAR CELL MTN didn’t make any money from the song that was used for Caller tunes? The truth is, LONESTAR CELL MTN has at least two million subscribers in Liberia, and with the way that song went viral, it is not possible for them not to make a dime from it.L’Frankie continued, ” We don’t want favours from them, We worked for it, and we need to be paid.”

Honestly, I agree with L’Frankie 100%, this is not something anyone should sleep on, and I am totally impressed with L’Frankie and PCK’s New Management: CT.COM LIBERIA LIMITED, Which is home to Kool FM and headed by the highly respected Mr Chris. L’Frankie held nothing back, He said “We met with our Lawyer on saturday, We have endured a lot, it’s about time this case goes to Court”.


I pray this works out in Favour of the duo…Cause if it does the Liberian Artist wouldn’t be taken as a total mess no more.It would be a clear Indication that they also understand the business side of Entertainment. It’s showbiz my People, not Freebiz [LAUGHS].


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