SPOTLIGHT: Who has been the Most Philanthropic Liberian Entertainer Since the Year Started?

Those who throw stones at the Government are people that feel that they are not a part of it. And that’s because if you’re a part of something, you won’t look for how to pull it down because it will affect you too “Those who live in a glass house don’t through stones” Let’s try not to forget that popular saying. I hardly listen to radio if it’s not Entertainment, and that’s because I have realized that Politics is a talking game, Politicians and their followers just come to fill the airwaves with all sort of thoughts without taking a step towards proper implementation.

Hmm… Last year we were one hundred and seventy, this year we are a year older, and things just seem the same, Majority will even say it’s worse than it used to be. Chey! Should I blame the current Government? No! Why should I do that? I heard that a fool at forty is a fool forever, Is this a typical case of Mama Liberia? Mehn! The number forty can be counted in our age almost five times o![Laughs].

As we all know, July 26 is a very big day in this country, Where people will flood the streets with alcohol and songs of Merriment, and every belly eating to the point of Constipation. As much as we feel that everyone is having a good time, we would have some kids and less privileged people laying around with no energy to merry like me and you, and that’s because they have no food or even accommodation. Is it the Government we are waiting for again to help those people? Please do me a favour, get a mirror and look into it, and tell me if it is President George Weah’s face that will appear[Laughs].

Honestly, Liberia is waiting for you to make an Epic Change. Do you want to know what made my head red hot before diving into this pool of discussion? I was just thinking about all the Independence day shows that Celebs are holding today and not even a show for charity. The Bucky Raw show has been the biggest highlight of this Independence Season….It’s been a Club tour for him, a comeback from the mess he got himself into. But trust me, I don’t think if Bucky Raw really wants to impress the people of Liberia, it should be with his talent alone, we already know he is an amazing rapper, Why can’t he show us that he has a Pure heart too? I am not saying that he should host a show specifically for Charity, there wouldn’t be anything wrong if he says he is giving 10% or 20% of the money generated from his show to Charity. Wouldn’t you love Bucky Raw more, and have more people attending his shows? Or he is waiting for the Government[President George Weah] to help him do that. Let’s move to Christoph, i want to believe that one reason why we are not feeling his brand is because all he does is boast all day in his songs. If he is not talking about how he doesn’t wear clothes from water side but only imported clothes straight from the U.S.A. then he is boasting about touring the world.

Okay, we have heard you, how many butt naked kids have you clothed Christoph? Or its only yourself you think of? You have the money bro, your expensive lifestyle can prove it. Deng fed the poor last year, and mehn! My respect for him went so high, pierced through the skies like a spaceship reaching for the moon[Laughs]. But we have really not seen anything this year, or brabi that thing you did was just a show off, or you’re not part of the people that believe that giving is a continuous thing. As a Brand Ambassador, people expect alot from you. Is it that the Cralorboi CIC is living below our expectations? Hmm… Musically the Commander In Chief is living up to his name o! Do you think winning the Artist of the year from Various Awards is a joke? The only thing is, we are not feeling anything beyond his music. I am sure one of those hungry kids on the streets in his idleness is singing CIC’s song rightnow, if not the previous hit’s then he is whiling away his time with “Weekend”[featuring Iyanya], Day Dreaming of when success will shine on him too like his Favourite Superstar CIC.

The Cralorboi is the face of Lonstar Cell MTN, this would have been the best time to work hand in hand with the telecommunication giant in order to bless Mama Liberia by helping the Less Privileged. If I don’t mention Double H then I am not straight forward, but the thing is I won’t be criticizing him as expected. He is practically the king of shows in the capital city, so it’s necessary to expect him to do something for charity too, but interestingly Double H did something special for the less privileged recently, when he visited them with lots of food and provisions in Celebration of his birthday. Some people said: why did he wait until his birthday for him to help the poor, it has to be about him first for him to put others into consideration right? As for me, the most important thing is Double H expressed an act of love, and nothing else.

It’s more as if no Liberian Entertainer has genuinely done anything Philanthropic this year, but actually I have two brothers from the same music camp Swag District: Nuchie Meek and Jerome Pelham that has played their part. These guys have really impressed. Nuchie had a show in Kakata, and believe me , every penny he got from the show was given back to the community through food and provisions him and his team got for them. Nuchie Meek is not like Christoph that can boast of having the whole world to himself and yet can’t provide for a city[Laughs]. Trust me, What Nuchie did is an Extraordinary giving… At least from the little he has he is impacting peoples lives.

Now let’s talk about his Brother Jerome Pelham, Former Manager to J Slught and the Current Manager to the very talented kid Acecape. Jerome Pelham is the Founder of Pelham Foundation, Something he started last year, and with God’s help and determination he has been able to continue this year. The Pelham Foundation focuses on children’s Education, hosting spelling bees and various programs to help build the future leaders of tomorrow. As we all know, it cost alot of money to make this come through, but Jerome has been able to go against all odds to bring this dream to live. it’s alot of fun when you help people, I enjoyed that experience when I and my team Plusliberia.com visited Monrovia College to donate school materials to them.And with the help of Coca Cola we were able to give drinks to the students too. Nuchie Meek and Jerome are my favourites , but I wouldn’t call them the most philanthropic Entertainers just because I want to know your thoughts too. So let me ask, Who has been the Most Philanthropic Liberian Entertainer since the year started?


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