SPOTLIGHT: Should we call CIC and Stunna International Stars for doing a Song with Iyanya?

Australia is waiting for the Cralorboi to come and Light up it’s Stage with breathtaking Performance’s. So my people let me ask, Is it about time we confirm CIC as an International Artist? Yeah! His Collaboration with Iyanya should have sealed that up, Only if that song penetrated into Nigeria and had his video playing repeatedly on HipTv and Trace Tv. You would be like Wow! Cause Most West African Countries like Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Benin would be jamming to it constantly and with that South Africa won’t have a choice…

It’s Iyanya mehn! and not just that, CIC’s Presence was awake on that song, and the producer Duke Blac wasn’t sleeping too. They would embrace this song and that’s how CIC would become a bonafide member of Artist that are recognized by Africa… mehn! the rest becomes an outburst of testimonies because CIC wouldn’t be hidden from the World music market also. Think about it, how did that Tanzanian Diamond Platinumz put his country on the map? Tanzania is just like Liberia o! So how did he do it? What he did is not far from what CIC and Stunna have done off late because he was all over Naija stars trying to make things work for himself, but the difference is that he invested more resources on visuals. You can’t expect them to just like you like that in Nigeria or other countries, start playing your song all over in every function and radio. Then Boom! You’re a hitmaker, A superstar, everybody wants a piece of you.

No mehn! Haven’t you heard that seeing is believing? Diamond Platinumz fed their eyes so much with his presence by making sure his videos were everywhere that it go to that point that they got familiar with him, then they went after his brand themselves. Now diamond has moved from doing songs with iyanya , flavour and co to doing songs with Ne-yo, Rick Ross, Omarion and so on. My point here is, in Liberia we focus more on radio airplay, and that’s because how many people watch our local TV or even Dstv? In the advance world Entertainment is about “make believe” the moment you can make them trust in your brand through the power of repetition, and by that I mean by making sure your video is on repeat, automatically the radio stations will demand for your song cause a lot of people will want to hear what they see on TV everytime on radio.

My people that is killing two or more birds with one stone. Ask yourself this question, Why is it that the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa Savage, including the western artiste, can always drop audio and video at the same time? See, that’s because the video sells the audio. Actually, Stunna and CIC tried in this regard, they dropped their songs and videos at the same time , but you only did that to show off to the Liberian people. Chey! Liberian man and showing of baynay! You wanted them to see that Iyanya appeared in your video right?[Laughs] . It’s not too late though, chase after the international TV channels like Trace TV, Hip TV, and Sound city, Channel O….

Pump resources in for exclusive promotions and you will see that your life will never remain the same. Your songs are good, standard, but when you go the extra mile[CIC & Stunna] to make sure you video is on constant play that’s when you will know if you’re indeed International or not. Liberia is happy with you guys, We are proud of you guys, but it would be a Treasurable feeling if you guys make us more proud mehn!


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