SPOTLIGHT: Get to Know Nyae Slanger. A Name Crafted in the Sound of Music

It is the thesis of the great Female MCs NYAE Evette Slanger that man/WOMAN can endure any hardship as long as he/she can find meaning in the experiences. You have to be tested to be trusted, even though there are some pick and choose ordeal in life especially the Liberian entertainment industry. However, the principle is the same. No one can deny a hit song She said. Being a Rapper, a singer and writer, your work has to do the talking. surround yourself with like minded people, who respects you and encourage you. This will create a better working atmosphere.

NYAE Walked in right around the time Female MCs were termed lazy and not creative Enough, spotlights were deeming on female Rap artistes but, so full of confidence she knew she’ll shine and take her spot at the Top. The Energies, creativities, hard work and Dedication she puts into her crafts has generated public attentions and admiration around the world. She Recently dropped a freestyle video on Nicki Minaj, Chun Li and it went viral within 24hours. A milestone for a Liberian MC.

In 2017 when the world stood to notice, Because they could no longer ignore, she Got on her first ever LEA (Liberian Entertainment Awards) Cypher Freestyle rap video, not intimidated by the heavy spitters on the roster nor because she’s the only female amongst the Heavyweights on the same record, she delivered a masterpiece. Let’s face it, The girl is not faze because she is a pure Rap genius, A Natural talent. Let’s Take a look at four of her many hit songs and videos.

1) Guest list = if you have never listened or watch this video yet, I suggest you do. This video is everything in between Lil Kim, Da Brat and Missy Elliot. From deliveries to her fashion sense in this video are all topnotch.

2)THE CUP= HONESTLY, Nyae is a beast on the Mic and on the cameras too. hell she can make it as a great actress too, the Muhammad Ali kinda concept couple with sick punchlines and deliveries made this one of my all time favorites.

3) DRUM = No doubt one of the very best if not the best collaborations and visuals done by any foreign African Artist(s) ever, the song is an instant hit, a BET, GRAMMY’S, MTV AWARDS material no doubt. She tapped up Another Amazing superstar in SNOTI and yes!!! That Record had No options but to be a global hit.

4)CHUN LI = even Nicki Minaj would be impressed and feel threatened. Sick delivery, killer punchlines. There are lots of other awesome videos and songs by Nyae Slanger that you definitely need to check out.

Presently, the latest wildfire is title MO YA LAWN an instant banger. mentored by one of the greatest in the US, FOREIGN WARD, whom is also an artist, not only that, he’s one of the best sound engineers, graphic designers in the US, together these two have form a formidable team. For someone like Nyae’s pedigree and everything that is going on with our industry, we don’t deserve her, at the same time we’re blessed to have such a talent as one of us. Keep your eyes on her, she’s one of our surest chances of the biggest and best Global awards.


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