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STRAIGHT TALK: “Women think men are dogs, some don’t believe in love any more” CIC Talks relationship and his delayed album 1994

Cralorboi CIC

Take note, in every joke there’s a truth…that’s why I always say to people that if you really want to know the mind of others and what they think about you, then highlight their witticism. CIC took to Social media to reveal his dream woman yesterday… So people like CIC still have a particular type of woman that they desire so much? Wouldn’t you think he can get any class of woman at his beck and call? CIC Said these words “ Dear Future wifey, If you can’t play PLAYSTATION, The chance of a marriage is 1% Sincerely yours Hubby”.

As funny as these words may sound, it comes with an echo of truth which says that the only thing that helps to hold a relationship apart from the feelings you and your partner have for yourselves, is when both of you have an endless love and interest in a particular object, personality, hobby or force.It’s like you having a lit candle in your hands, and your partner also having hers, then both of you use your separate candles to light another candle. I met CIC a few days ago, in my natural character of always wanting to know the happenings in the lives of our entertainers, I and the Cralorboi had a Chit Chat. While talking CIC uncontrollably said these words “Women think men are dogs, some don’t believe in love any more” Wooooh! These are very sensitive words, aren’t they? He was actually telling me about what inspired his hit single “Hello”, the revelation surprised me. He said the story is about a very popular Liberian female celebrity that he is close to….

I thought to myself: Hmm! So CIC girlfriend is a top celebrity? Who could she be? I dabbled in between Master Queen and Rickslyn Myers, and that’s because he is really close to both of them. But the case we have here has nothing to do with a romantic relationship, in fact CIC is just a bestie. CIC said while doing his best friend duties, he had to be emotionally available to his dear friend when she had serious issues with her partner. He said she really wanted the relationship to be forever, but the guy couldn’t stop hurting her, and the pain was getting too much for her to handle. He said in trying to make sure she holds on and not just give up on someone she truly loves, he decided to write the hit song “Hello”, putting himself in the guy’s shoes, but being very apologetic. CIC is a lover man mehn! Isn’t he? CIC should be dropping a new song in November called “Morning”, his last song with Iyanya was an earthquake that shook every dance floor, Should we be expecting more? Yes! We should, because from every effort that CIC is putting into his album, the Commander In Chief swears to break records.

We are not too happy with the delay in the 1994 album, but he said his fans shouldn’t worry, that when the album drops, we will understand and respect his decision of not rushing things. CIC teased me with some unreleased songs from 3 to 4 years ago, as we drove in his Almera, he mentioned that some of these evergreen tracks will feature in the album. To be honest, what I heard in that car is the shiiiiii…..[Laughs], trust me, CIC wouldn’t disappoint.


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