HEAD 2 HEAD: Master Queen Comes out of the closet to expose what really happened between her, Deng, Kizzy W and Benny Soundz. Is this the Inception of a War?

Master Queen – DenG – Kizzy W – Benny Soundz


Gone are those days if Deng doesn’t feature on a song, you will feel the song is empty. In one of my articles I wrote recently, I advised that Deng should see a therapist, but it’s more as if Deng doesn’t know how destructive Depression can be in someone’s life? Day in, Day out, Deng doesn’t leave the News for a bad behavior, it’s so bad off! That people can argue that an artist as young as Jaredo is more respected, has more vibes and value than him these days, not to now compare him with Kobazzie which he dislikes with his guts.

It’s now official that Kobazzie isn’t the only one in the black books of Deng, you can also find names like Benny soundz who openly Criticized Deng on social media for being Immature and wicked. Names like Kizzy W and also the Media guru Master Queen. What’s really happening? you may want to ask, with no further ado, I will like to explain to you that it’s related to the Christmas song Master Queen Master minded with various artist like JB, Pillz, Kobazzie, Christoph,Kizzy W, Kobazzie, PCK,Stunna, F.A and Davero. Deng was meant to be on that song, even his face was on the official music art with the other artist, but somehow Deng was left out.

These are the words of Ace Broadcaster Master Queen concerning the whole issue, ” Deng asked us to send the beat to him to record his part at lucky boy studio because he couldn’t come to Kizzy’s Studio, which I thought was a complete disrespect to ask a producer to send his beat to another producer, knowing fully well that we all were going to record at one studio. Anyways, after Deng told us he wanted to record his voice at another studio I asked Kizzy and yes! He agreed because he didn’t have any quarrel with Deng”.

Master Queen became more explicit, and she said, “The beat was sent on Saturday the same time we had all artists recording their voice, and we told him we needed his voice latest Sunday evening because we needed to mix and master the song to release it on Monday. Unfortunately Deng sent us his voice on Monday, the same day the song was to be officially released to the public. My thing is most of our Artists are not professional. All in All, Deng didn’t meet up with our timeline of Production.” Wow! Master Queen just had to say it the way it is, “My thing is most of our Artists are not Professional”, For real Deng has been acting very unprofessional since he left the management that he was with, and for someone of his Status it shouldn’t be so…this attitude cost him not to perform at the Davido Concert, and many more opportunities.

I have been saying this too much lately, and that is Deng needs a real management to get back in shape, and also a therapist. He should please take my advice serious, or next year would be a barren land for his musical career.


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