SPICY TRENDS: Ace BroadCaster, DJ Master Queen wraps up the year With a Christmas Jamboree featuring Kizzy W, Deng, Kobazzie, Stunna, Christoph, PCK, and other top stars

While growing up every child’s favourite holiday in the Whole year was Christmas, and that’s one thing that hasn’t changed ’til now. As kids we had countless reasons to anticipate the birth of Christ; we thought of our Christmas Clothes, the delicious Christmas dishes that will be prepared on that day, there’s always a lot to eat and drink, and friends and family members to mingle with. But without a perfect playlist of Christmas songs to boost our excitement into unforgotten moments of joy, then Christmas is more like every other random celebration.

Master Queen in the spirit of Santa Claus has decided to give Liberia a priceless Christmas gift that will be so dear to our hearts. This gift that is being packaged by the genius fingers of Benny Soundz and Kizzy W with beautiful vocals from Liberia’s top stars, and they are: Stunna, Kobazzie, Deng, Kizzy W, Christoph,PCK, Davero, F.A, JB, and Pillz.

You won’t believe your ears the moment the song plays, you would regard it as a Masterpiece, the Christmas song is one Afro Pop Jam that will electrify your foot with amazing dance moves.

There’s a video below gotten from a reliable source, which shows us a bit of the studio session. There is a report that Deng hasn’t done his part, and that’s based on the fact that he demanded that he wants to record his vocals at Stone Luckshine’s studio and not at Kizzy W’s Studio, which is being kept more active by Nigerian Music Producer Benny Soundz.

We still don’t understand why Deng will make such demands, but his action is about to slow things down, and if it is going to cause delays, our source made it clear that Deng may not be included in the project so Master Queen’s target can be reached. Master Queen has done it all this year, and everything she touched turned to gold.

I know you can’t just wait to be the first to download this Christmas Song on our platform.


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