SPICY TRENDS: Why did Bucky Raw and Christoph Clash at the Davido Live in Liberia Concert?

Bucky Raw – Christoph The Change

The meet and greet with Davido at River Side Resort was peaceful as possible, even with two sworn enemies under the same roof. It was obvious that the rappers were at their best behavior. But the next day which was the day of the concert was a different story.

The Christoph team refused to perform before bucky, While the Bucky Raw team refused to perform before Christoph, both parties wanted to show each other who is indeed boss.Christoph finally succumbed due to the fact that the organizers had to beg him continuously to be the mature one.

Finally he did, but Bucky who rocked the stage better than any Liberian artist including Chris saw the opportunity to ridicule Christoph more by adding the diss song Open Casket to his playlist, but to his surprise the Organizers did not let him perform that song so things won’t get physical and bloody.

Christoph thought the embarrassment was all over as the concert ended, but angry Bucky Raw fans who have built an army of enemity against him decided to rain curses on him as he departed the venue.

What a bad day for Christoph? The truth is this beef is getting worse each day, will it ever stop?


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