STRAIGHT TALK: DJ Weezy blunders as he criticizes MTN Liberian Music Award

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DJ Weezy


What do you think? I have always questioned his intelligence as a stakeholder in Liberia’s Entertainment Industry, and this particular situation will make you understand why I have such thoughts. I feel the respect we give some people in this industry is quite unnecessary, especially if they are not living up to it anymore.

Alright! DJ Weezy, So because we say you’re a man of wise words now means that you should always open your mouth to talk even when it’s glaring that what you’re saying doesn’t relate with the truth? Don’t you think you’re abusing the power you have, and you’re miseducating the people? This is what DJ Weezy did, the popular on air personality went on social media to say that the international / African Artist award at the MLMA shouldn’t have gone to Davido but Liberian A-List Artistes like Stunna, Deng, Bucky Raw, Kobazzie and CIC.

Hmm…Uncle DJ Weezy, Don’t you think when an award organiser creates an award category they mean that the recipients of that category would be foreigners? Am sure DJ Weezy is exposed, so why would he put himself under the public eye as if he is not? If DJ Weezy was going to bring up a subject which focuses on the fact that Video of the year should have gone to Stunna because there’s no Liberian music video like Balance which features Iyanya, or Artist of the year should have gone to Bucky Raw because he practically achieved more than any Liberian Musician this year 2018 and not CIC, maybe I wouldn’t argue. Uncle DJ Weezy, you need to do research on things before you address them, “I too know” attitude is Pride, and Pride leads to a fall.


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