PLAY OR NOT: Did Nuchie Meek come back strong as a Roaring Lion or his return is much of a hurt and Crying puppy?

Nuchie Meek

I don’t lose money not even 5LD, So when I lose fake friends I am never sad cause they are not even worth 5LD, this is me for you and that’s why I love when Nuchie Meek emphasized on Loyalty in his first Jam for this year “998”. “Don’t talk about loyalty, if you’re not loyal just stay fake if that is what you are”, Nuchie’s reasoning must have been crafted from his recent experience with poor health which was assumed to be poisoning while some said it was untreated Ulcer that got worse due to Nuchie’s substance abuse.

What even made it more dramatic is the rumour that came from no where that Bilikon Ent. CEO Lyee Bility and Nuchie got into homosexual Acts, the real rumour is that Nuchie was drugged and raped by Lyee Bility. What a story? He must have gone through hell and seen the true colours of people around him, “They only love u when u buzzing, run behind u when u popping, but they will never tell you when you flopping”, Nuchie said this when he found himself being able to point out the wolves in sheep clothing.

The Trapco Star with a repentant heart dropped a line that was addressed to his cousin but also stand’s as an advise for every young person that’s involved with drugs and any form of addiction, Nuchie said, “I pray my cousin stay off the drugs, I know u better than what you’re.” When people listen to that particular line it would be hard to believe that Nuchie just advised someone to stay off drugs when his brand became popular for promoting wild life, Smoking weed, popping codeine and all sort of atrocities.


The President of the republic of Liberia didn’t escape some whooping too “George Weah thought Liberia was easy that’s what got him sleeping today. Now everybody wants to travel abroad because they don’t have a reason to stay.” Nuchie Meek has never been a chicken and all that he has gone through hasn’t reduced him to a hurt and crying puppy, “998” is the voice of a roaring lion.


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