Sometimes Celebrities get bored of the Luxurious and Expensive lifestyle they have and just want to enjoy the simple things of life like a ride in a Keke (tricycle) like what Stunna’s New Photoshoot displays. Is it not too early for the Hit maker to be tired of his Exotic Jeep which he just got and has been using to paint the town red? Maybe this Picture isn’t an expression of boredom but Stunna trying to show us the real image of what his life is really like as a Superstar in Liberia.What do you really think the Keke Stands for? Keke isn’t a bad means of transportation but Compared to other means of transportation like Lamborghini, Power bikes, Porsche, Jets and so on, Keke is Limiting and like i was saying the Keke stands for the Limiting and poor Liberian Music Industry. Stunna’s mode of dressing is astonishing, His dapper looks is a symbol of how talented he is and the high prospects his future holds but is Stunna not too good to be conveyed through such a tasking Journey to a greater destiny than what he has now in a Keke like Music Industry that’s 30 to 40 years behind the Industries in other nations.?



The Music Union Election is Coming up on the 2nd of February and the people’s favorite is Mr Smith(LIB MONEY), Do you think this Election would change anything? The Music Union has been a failing system in any country you can think of, Most people that get involved in this unit of Entertainment often get power drunk, stagger through decision making, foolishly trample on opportunities that will benefit everyone because of selfish reasons and so on. Mr Smith and DJ Asaboy‘s partnership to run as both President and Vice President is very disturbing, Is DJ Asaboy not the same guy that fought with Mr Smith over featuring the Superstar CIC when he was an underground artist some years ago because DJ Asaboy felt Mr Smith was belittling himself by featuring a Nobody. These two guys don’t look like people that will get along well through the test of time, I feel things may end up in a fight as usual. How much Success can Mr Smith make with the Music union? From Careful observation, Mr Smith is so good at starting incredible stuffs but doesn’t have the strength to sustain…How far did he go as Acecape’s manager? Didn’t he lose the lil kid to a better Manager Jerome Pelham? What of other initiatives he pioneered, are they not old gist now? If I continue talking about Mr Smith and the Liberian Music Union I will forget that my focus is Stunna. The likes of Davido, Wizkid, 2face Idibia Survived withstanding the messy music Union in Nigeria, Sarkodie in Ghana is spearheading his own career beyond the gold coast not worrying himself about his countries music Union, I feel Stunna won’t be held down too, as long as his Management doesn’t get carried away by their achievements then Stunna would Survive our Keke like Music Industry and with his other colleagues in the game: Bucky Raw, CIC, Jaredo, Kizzy W, J slught, Kobazzie and so on.. We Can Have A Jet Like Industry.



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