Some artist are being bullied in this Entertainment Industry, Being bullied is something that’s inevitable especially when you’re an underground artist, it’s seen as a normal process of growth because you have to sow through difficult times before you reap an harvest of Joy. This Process is known in the Entertainment World as “paying dues” but in Liberia whether you’re underground or an A List Superstar you’re easily rubbished because your importance is not important, almost Every Liberian artist is stucked in a position where he or she feels bullied, you practically beg for opportunities you rightfully deserve. PCK and L’Frankie Versus Lonestar Cell MTN is a typical Example of What I am talking about, imagine! For three years now they have not gotten a penny from their song that the Telecommunication Company signed a deal with them on and made money from.

PCK and L’Frankie has played thier part but Lonestar Cell MTN chose to take advantage of these guys and also ridicule the Law of the Nation by refusing to appear in Court. This issue has dragged for too long now, while looking for a solution that will benefit both parties, We came up with this idea where every bad blood could be dried up if Lonestar Cell MTN talk to PCK and L’Frankie to forego the millions of dollars they are owing them and get a Brand Ambassadorship deal to join CIC as the Face of the Mega Company which will still be a way to get a fat cheque, build a better relationship and Lonestar Cell MTN would save their image from being mixed up with Fraud.

We were impressed with our thoughts until we felt that there’s something wrong somewhere, Should PCK and L’Frankie be getting an Endorsement deal before Bucky Raw and Stunna who seem to have more value than them right now? Absolutely No! And how come these two incredible Acts Bucky and Stunna haven’t gotten such great opportunity from any company in Liberia? This would never happen in other countries, this is a slap on the face of our so called Entertainment Industry, because if you’re one out of the three biggest artist in your country then you should be hot cake for Companies because they know that you’re an asset and more money would be made through your brand.

Now that LONESTAR Cell MTN has CIC What is Orange waiting for to strike a juicy deal with Bucky Raw or Stunna? And if Lonestar Cell MTN chose to add Bucky and Stunna to their one man army CIC, DO you know what it would do for them as a Company? Funny enough MTN Nigeria in 2016/2017 had ten Nigerian Celebrities as Brand Ambassadors, their names are:
1. Osuofia(Nkem Owoh)
2. Saka, (Hafiz Oyetoro)
3. Nedu (Steve Onu)
4. Adamu Zango Praiz
5. (Praise Adejo)
6. Iyanya (Iyanya Mbuk)
7. Chidinma (Chidinma Ekile)
8. Falz (Folarin Falana)
9. Tekno Miles (Augustine Kelechi)
10. Skales (Raoul Njeng-Njeng)

For those of you that want to argue that it’s not possible for a Company to have more than one Brand ambassador, this is a prove. MTN is also a huge brand in South Africa, infact it’s the most valuable brand there and Big Wigs like Casper Nyovest has an endorsement deal with the company. Why is it that MTN Liberia is not dovetailing MTN Nigeria and MTN South Africa in this regard? Companies sign artists or Celebrities to improve the relationship they have with their customers, One thing that’s not hidden is the fact that there’s a gigantic chasm between Our Companies and us the consumers of their products, the companies are working so hard to please us instead of them to work smart by using an easy link which is our Entertainers as a bridge to get into our hearts.

Bucky Raw announced a yet to be released song called Trauma with a video being shot by A.B Johnson, Do you know how many Liberians want to listen to that song and watch the Video? Stunna who has multiple Nominations for the Tunesliberia music Awards should be dropping his new song 911 anytime soon.To add we are still waiting for the Stunna and Bucky camp to surprise us with their Iceprince Collaboration “Thank You”. Do you know that if Bucky or Stunna are Brand Ambassadors for a Company it would hype the brand of that company somehow because anything that concerns Bucky or Stunna it would bring the Companies product to the mind of the people. Orange and MTN Lonestar have shown more interest in Entertainment in this Country with the fact that they even sponsor award ceremonies, but that’s not enough, let’s do what’s right, live up to international standards by taking endorsement deals of Liberian Celebrities very serious.Companies in this Country need to stop sleeping on the Entertainment Industry.


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