SPICY TRENDS: The Secret to Master Queen’s Undisputed Reign As The Most International Liberian Female Celebrity And Her Love Affair With Afro Pop Wonder Kid Stunna

Eleven years of Continuous Excellence as a Media Personality is not a Child’s Play, The Master of all Queens had this to say, ” During the time I got on radio, Hum… No disrespect to my Big Brothers and Sisters that I met there, But Liberian Music wasn’t getting the airplay that it was supposed to get, Some people said we never had too many artiste, the music wasn’t giving us the right sound but i think you have to start from somewhere.When I got on radio in 2008 I vowed to myself that listen! if I am the only person that will play Liberian Music I won’t mind. From 2008 to 2019 I have never ever made the mistake to play any foreign song on my radio, Yeah! I don’t need anyone to tell me that but I am the only true and most respected Liberian On air personality. I prayed to God for others to join me, now I see other DJ’s playing Liberian Music.”

Master Queen Who was unexpectedly caught on a Music Video set with her New Boyfriend Stunna having a lovey dovey moment with Strawberry Kisses being exchanged between both parties have left so many admirers with a broken heart and battling thoughts of Stunna Stealing her heart away forever. As much as she was so busy with her King Stunna Master Queen was kind enough to spare few minutes to talk with us so her fans can actually know what she has been up to this year. She bared it all when she spoke about her plans of Opening her own Production house as soon as Possible, She informed us that the state of the art equipments are coming straight from the U.S of A. Based on what she explained the Recording Studio would be available for any Music Producer both home and abroad to come and use the facilities there since it would be top class and that goes for the TV Production and Photography unit, you can come there as a Video director or Photographer pay for the amount of time you want to work for and get the best results that you’ve always desired.

There’s a reason Master Queen is not on the same level with most of her female colleagues and that’s because she achieves things at the speed of Light. No disrespect to some people’s view that Juliet Ibrahim is the Most Successful Female Liberian Celebrity, but the biggest question is does she represent Liberia out there? How many foreigners or people even know Juliet to be a Liberian? Most of the time People see Juliet Ibrahim as a Ghanian Actress that’s based in Nigeria. Everything that Master Queen is all about today speaks from the core of the nation, So loud that it’s being heard in other Lands. While talking to me Master Queen disclosed that her biggest moment in her life isn’t when she dived into new waters like Acting with International Stars, the Ambassadorship deal with Royal Grand Hotel or When she traveled to Holland to host the independence day ceremony, but it was when she was Celebrated and Awarded in Nigeria among Great and Powerful Women for promoting the Liberian Culture. She Confessed that she looks at her Medal of Appreciation everyday to inspire herself to do more than she has done.

The Master of all Queens is an accomplished woman and with the Strings that’s attached between her and Lover boy Stunna I want to believe that she’s the happiest Woman on earth. Master Queen is obviously older than Stunna, but this is a sign that this may be true love because they are going against age barriers, the pressure that a celebrity relationship brings and the fact that both of them have an army of admirers that won’t mind starting a war to be romantically attached. Stunna’s new project is a love song that was Inspired by his love for the Queen and now she’s all in the video playing his love interest, A role that’s originally hers and with the way these two her going, there’s absolutely nothing that will separate them.


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