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The other day I saw a deaf and dumb kid dance at a party, his dance moves went accordingly to the songs the DJ was playing, he boogied with an electrifying energy and excitement as if he could hear but No! He couldn’t, One thing that little boy has made up his mind to do as he saw his friends bounce along to the beat is never to be left out or to be an outcast, no matter the discouraging situation you find yourself in this life. What you should know is that the deaf and dumb boy performed a miracle that day, but do you think that boy would have been able to do what he did if he has not been intelligently watching music videos? When I say Music Videos, I am not saying that thing we are doing here in Liberia o! I am talking about “Make believe” Music Videos, Videos that look so real that you wouldn’t mind putting yourself in it mentally. The Story line of the video, the perfection of the dancers, the beauty of the Vixens or models, the lighting and set would amaze you, this is one reason people like me feel someone like Clarence Peters is a god because the wonders he performs with music videos wouldn’t make you feel he has flesh and blood, the way he thinks is out of this world. I know you are eager to know who I feel is the Number one music video director in Liberia, Alright! Let me start by saying that it wouldn’t make any sense to say it is Jackie Russ.

A particular Award Ceremony was recently organized and the Multi talented Music Video director, Music Producer and Singer went home with that great title and the bragging right for one whole year. When it happened that Ush who is actually the rightful recipient of that award was publicly humiliated by being denied such honor? I smiled but not out of delight but pity for the growth of Entertainment in this country. Every Liberian Music Video director is an amateur, whether you accept this truth or not, I Elic-Jaleiba will still say what i want to say. We all know that Ush is more of a documentary guy, he has limited ideas when directing these music videos, but in the land of the blind Ush is the only one eye man. He has better equipment than any other videographer in this nation which is an advantage and he has better videos than the rest even though those Videos would be brutally criticized if it’s been measured with international standards.

Do you want to know Ush’s biggest problem? He doesn’t study and that’s something he wouldn’t deny. If Ush studies it would show in the story line of his videos, his concepts and much more. Knowledge is power, A great politician once said that a pen is more powerful than a gun and this is perfectly true. Ush doesn’t even need to step into a Library to say he wants to read books on videography, YouTube has made life much easier, with the equipments Ush handles on a daily watching tutorials on the Internet would shoot Ush far beyond the skies, make him unlimited like the Great Clarence Peters himself.

Lorenzo is an Award Winning Videographer but you would respect him more as a Professional Photographer. He wouldn’t be booed if he just makes Photography his all in all, I wouldn’t forget when Nigerian Photography Queen and one of Africa’s best TY BELLO slowed down on music to pick up a camera, this is something she hasn’t regretted at all because the weight of her client is that of the rich and mighty. A Camera can be used for two purposes but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be Master of one, Lorenzo could possibly be the Kelechi Amadi of Liberia if he takes this advice of mine well. Liberian Music Video Directors complain that why would the likes of Stunna , Semah, Queen Juli Endee, CIC , Jaredo and so on employ the expertise of Foreign Music Video Directors like Clarence Peters, Brian Ohene, Paul Gambit and much more. My Answer is if there is no food in your house won’t you go outside to look for it? Our Video Directors should stop complaining and work mehn! If care is not taken these foreign guys would take over our Entertainment just like how we have allowed them to take over the business sectors of the country. The Hott TV Music Video Awards would be in December, we shouldn’t be deceived that we have nine months ahead, December is very close so the Hott TV Video Awards team should be on their toes when it comes to proper preparation. We are glad that this is first of its kind, my prayer is that they should be the first unbiased Liberian Entertainment Award Organizers or else it would be a sorry case for every stakeholder in the Liberian Entertainment Industry because the Industry won’t be moving forward and that’s a broken dream and financial wreck for us.

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