SPOTLIGHT: Everything Kizzy W Touches Becomes Exceptional [ Asap Khaled ]

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Asap Khaled

The story of how Kizzy W impacted Asap musical career.

Kizzy W is known to be an exceptional singer and also one of the best producers in Liberia, that’s why everything he touches becomes exceptional cause you only give what you have. Many people including artists can relate to his works in this invisible Liberian Music Industry.

He has written and produced lots of songs that became hit songs. He doesn’t just write and produce music, he inspires and transforms the artists in a way that you can see the difference. We saw it with the likes of Eric Geso, C Jay and many other artists. Now let’s look at Asap who Kizzy helped transform his musical career into what it is today. You might want to know how Asap dream came through by just meeting Kizzy.

Now let’s get down to it: Asap Khaled did his first single titled:” Friend for me ” which was uploaded on Plusliberia.com, the engineer who worked on the song (Tizes) noticed that Asap sounded like Kizzy at the beginning of the song, and yes! That’s something Kizzy normally do. So he was like why you doing the Kizzy W type of thing? And Asap was like I Love Kizzy, I’m motivated and inspired by his music. It’s was from that moment Tizes talked to Kizzy about Asap and that’s how they got connected.

Kizzy being a big artist could have cared less and acted proud, but he didn’t. According to Asap when I spoke with him, he was home one day probably thinking about something else when he got a call from Tizes saying come to the studio Kizzy wants to meet you and he was like wow! You know it’s just one of those moments in our lives when the unexpected starts to happen. They met for the first time and he was given a beat produced by Kizzy. That was how he came out with another single “Blind ” written by himself.

From that moment, Kizzy saw the potential in Asap and decided to help him with his musical career. He taught Asap the procedures on how to write songs, how to sing on different beats and so many things he never knew about music. That was how Asap Improved and became the exceptional singer he is because of the knowledge Kizzy impacted unto him. Asap got all the juice when it comes to singing. I fell in love with Asap when I first listened to his song “Blind ” I later realized that the song was produced by Kizzy and I had no doubt why the song was so special.

Asap is now signed to SAMI Muzic. Watch out for this super talented guy!

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