We’ve gotten to a stage that we can’t hide how confused we are as an Entertainment Industry and this is happening because we can’t simply admit that we don’t have a sound. Bucky is the Trapco King what concerns him with winning the best hipco artist? The other day I wrote an article that featured my disgust against Christoph winning Hipco artist of the year since he has switched to the Trapco flow, but my thoughts wasn’t seen as relevant because if it was, LEA won’t have made such an error to Award Bucky Raw Trapco Artist of the year. What is Trapco and What is Hipco? Trapco was a non existing genre of music that was birthed by American Liberians that refuse to regard an archaic sound which wouldn’t evolve with the Urban trend of music, Hipco was coined from the Rapping style of the 80’s and the 90’s and the world isn’t at that stage no more, this particular sound has crippled the growth of rap in Liberia, the problem is the younger generation of this type of rap music are scared of creating something new out of what they have: Hipco, if they do we wouldn’t be having such conflict and identity crisis to the extent that Award Organizers would be doing everything to resurrect Hipco by giving an award only for an artist doing only that genre of music to someone like Bucky Raw who is unrepentant doing Trapco. If Bucky truly respected his throne as King of Trapco he would have rejected that award and demanded a specific category for Trapco, but Bucky who seems to be desperate for awards didn’t mind the title the award comes with as long as it’s being given to him. Let’s see if an Award Ceremony glorifies Bucky with Selfish Artist of the year without him bursting out in anger, there’s really no difference in receiving Selfish artist of the year or Hipco Artist of the year because it’s all the same especially in this situation where Bucky can’t protect the Trapco Movement. Award Organizers, it’s not a must to host an Award Ceremony if all you would do is to show the world that Liberians are bias and Stupid.

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