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Dishonest people live in a fool’s paradise, to them they have tremendous growth in their lives, upward and forward movement, but if the truth needs to come out these kind of human beings are stucked in a rat race, round and round, moving in an unresolved circle. Actually, What Sense does it make to have an Entertainment Industry Spear headed by Jokers, people that refuse to learn because they believe they know it all? Entertainment in Liberia wouldn’t get better if our Entertainers refuse to challenge themselves to improve their sounds, there is much more to Entertainment than what we Liberians are doing. Recently Davido was lashed for under-performing on Kobbazzie’s Song “BOUNCE“, In Davido’s nature he is an excellent performer, he did his best to Squeeze out the juice in that song but it couldn’t work because Liberian Music is still Premature and local comparing it to the International sound he is used to. Kobazzie tried though, I am impressed by his Lion’s heart, with time he will get there. By the way to buttress on my main subject I have few names of Musicians that should just forget about music and walk through another career path.



This guy was the King of Trapco before Bucky Raw Stepped his foot on the Liberian Soil. But before Bucky could even return people Were already Sick of Revo’s flow, he became boring, rapping as if he is reading from a book he knows nothing about, it’s just that the streets didn’t have a better replacement for him, they had to bare the pain of listening to senseless music. Kizzy W even made matters worse by signing him and abandoning him to focus on his own career, traveling to the U.S.A for tours and much more. Revo who was highly respected and feared in the game is one Superstar that has more diss song from any underground artist targeting him for being a celebrated nobody.


No Nasseman, No Reggae Music in Liberia, The Legend is much aware that his nonchalant attitude towards his Musical Career has Killed a genre of Music that inspired the Nation during its darkest times. Nasseman doesn’t just drop hit tracks but he is a Master Performer. Nasseman can’t climb on a stage without getting the best out of his audience, this guy should know that his peers from other nations like Legendary 2face Idibia are still reaching out for greater achievements, they are not contented but more focus than ever. Sometime Last year the Reggae King traveled to Denmark to perform at an international concert, this is something he has enjoyed as a Legend, going out of the country to great shows, but shamefully what has he really done with these connections? When was the last time Nasseman released a song? Partially he Wins awards based on past glory, the 2018 MLMA is a prove. This reggae king claims to run an organization against corruption but in the real sense of it nothing like that exists.


The Continuation of Quincy B is not his Kids alone but he left friends and loved ones behind who were more like investments for him, because they have the potentials to run with his Legacy and even do more than he did. Feouls and Yung Classic are the only two guys showing us signs that they are still in the music game, there was a time Yung Classic announced his own label, we all felt finally Yung Classic has realized that he can’t keep hiding under the Shadow of mourning Quincy B and not focus on his life and music. His attempt failed just like many projects he has indulged himself in, but recently Money and Salvation records signed him but still he is proving to be a barren land since nothing fruitful has come out of him yet.

Feouls on the other hand became an expert in remixing Nigerian Hit Songs, spoiling them and making a fool of himself. I once read an article by one of our writers and in that beautiful piece she advised Feouls to rather go into modelling because it seems like he would do better as a model but not a musician.


His Nursery flow is what I can’t understand, he raps like a little kid reciting a poem. It’s frequently said that repetition makes you perfect and for real Chilla Coolnanee’s childish way of rapping has kicked him off from the list of heavyweight rappers in the nation because he has become so perfect at being an unimproved lyricist.


This is one artist that has no excuse for not delivering the way he should as a Superstar Musician. He is one of those musicians with a very rare voice, that kind of voice that can just get you hooked and make you a fan forever. Lack of direction is one challenge Teddy Ride is struggling with, he doesn’t just know how to push his music forward, his sound is predictable, it’s more as if he doesn’t have funds to promote his brand the way he should, but should that be a problem since he is signed to a record label?


The Jue dem bunnie dust keeps winning Hipco Artist of the year at Awards but when you listen carefully to his most comfortable genre of music you would probably say Trapco, So practically Christoph has been receiving awards he doesn’t deserve. Christoph dropped a mix tape last year and we know how unsuccessful that project was, Christoph played with genres that were not his strength and that made the Mix tape weak, being lucky to sound good singing on “handbag” doesn’t mean he should keep singing on his tracks, it only makes him look confused. Christoph used to be popular for dropping hit songs but now it’s almost impossible to remember the last time Christoph dropped something that shook the nation. Christoph travels abroad as if he is going to his backyard but not one day that has he announced an international tour that’s genuine and profitable. Christoph needs to quit music since he has lost motivation and obviously music is not what is feeding him.



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