Liberian rappers woke up late to the current trend of dropping some sick bars on Kizz Daniel’s recent hit song “Fvck you” and I want to ask why? We should always use opportunities like this to show the world what we have, but not withstanding, it’s better late than never. Pascal was the first to shoot his shot, if he shouldn’t be rewarded for nothing he should be rewarded for the fact that he was brave enough to attack the Young John produced Beat, but so sorry to say his voice quality was poor and he didn’t provide the kind of punchlines that would murder this track. McCaro gave her own side of the story and there’s no way you won’t love it. She spoke about herself being in a relationship with a Jealous and overprotective guy who wouldn’t understand that she isn’t cheating on him. Her message was very clear, well directed than that of Pascal. This should have been an easy ride for the trapco king but he was doing so much to impress and it shouldn’t be so, Why was Bucky Singing when all he should be doing is dishing us sweet bars? It would have been alright if he could actually sing, but not being able to sing just made his voice sound funny especially when KIZZ DANIEL’S melodious voice came up. His Punchlines were OK but he has better lyrics on his own songs than what he did on this cover. WULAH GAN! We have entered the rainy season and one thing this Pyramid Records number 1 rapper did was to give us a heavy downpour of punchlines. Wow! He nailed it like no one could, the pure emotions and quality of his voice was 100%. Even Bucky’s lyrics sounds like mere words as WULAH GAN! makes you enjoy every bit of his lyrics, no wonder he is the MVP of Hipco Playtime. WULAH gave us the Best Liberian Version of KIZZ DANIEL’SFVCK YOU“.


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