J Slught - Home & Beyond EP


He actually looks good in Suite especially with the Hat on, the Gentleman appearance is something that Worked for him at one point but now we are getting bored we need to see him experiment with his youthfulness and try other stuffs. I beg you not to say i am saying nonsense and not to encourage CJAY to keep dressing like a Banker or the CEO of a Corporate Entity. The main reason why i had no issues with his switch to the Corporate dress code is because at that time he dressed very poorly as if he was an errand boy at Bilikon Entertainment then Whawwwooooo! He comes out from the middle of nowhere with this new style of looking like R&B old timer DONELL JONES and Superstar John Legend. Even these R&B guys i mentioned don’t look 100% Corporate, they just dress in a way that makes them look soulful in which a Lady would always have it at the back of her mind that this artist is the type of guy for her.

CJAY is still a very young dude he should give us some boyish looks sometimes because his female fans her in need of it, he cant always be looking like he is making music for their mothers. The corporate look would have a better essence if it’s just one of the ways CJAY‘s brand is being represented and not the only way people identify or relate with his brand. I don’t think Stunna, Jaredo and J slught are wearing a dyed hair because that’s exactly what they want to do with themselves but one thing these guys know is that they are not making music to please themselves but their fans and by so doing they have to look or appear in a way that will make the music easy for their target audience to relate.

I am not necessarily saying that CJAY should dye his hair but as a young musician you should not get too comfortable with one look but various dress codes, please your fans so your music wont die because what you wear as an artist is more like a bridge that connects your songs and your fans.

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