Who stands in the middle of an ocean and allows soap enter his/her eyes? Flex was given every necessary tools and backings to succeed from his record Label and the entire Industry. He had no excuse to fail but he did anyways.

Never forget those you surpass on your way up, because you might need them on your way back down, Flex became arrogant, pompous and callous after signing the deal. Konvict Terminating his deals supposes to have meant jeers and protests instead, many were happy that it did happened. It’s obviously clear, no one stays on top forever, no smooth sailing in life. For all the experiences FLEX has gathered in Entertainments you’d think knowing how to get to the top and staying there will be no problem. Expectedly, Flex knew how to get to the top, Surprisingly he did not know the key elements,which is knowing what it takes to stay at the top.

Three things if done and done correctly would’ve kept Flex at the top. A loss for Flex and Liberia. Let’s get to it

(1) LACK OF CREATIVITYHOLY GHOST FIRE DEM was actually massive, record smashing hit, maybe too heavy for Flex’s creativity level. Many songs were dropped after Holy ghost fire dem but none survived, not even a week on the top of the charts, Flex must’ve really angered the demons and the fire he (Flex) directed the Holy ghost to fire demons didn’t actually happen, instead it was back to sender. Flex has been fired musically ever since that smash hit, retaliations of the demons on Flex. Konvict Culture is a profit base label, spending more than a million of dollars on an artist with just a single hit, No more than that turned out to be bad business for the Label, counting and cutting their losses was the next logical move and they took it. Flex did not clearly think outside the box. It is disappointing seeing a man who used to manage artists career unable to manage his.

(1) TEAM/MANAGEMENT FACTOR – First of all, it was a smart business move initially from Flex‘s camp securing the Konvict deal, at least at the time he was worth half a million dollars or more. Let’s not forget most of the credits and setups were championed by two genius in AI Johnson and James Smith. What really went wrong? Why did AI and James backed out of Konvict’s proposal? Why did Flex choose to sign when the two men in charge of business declined? Maybe Flex likes it when he’s in charge of everything but there must be division of labor so everyone would know their boundaries. Flex and Ai parted ways with both managing their identity but separate brands LIB music being Flex‘s and LIB Muzik AI and James‘. Flex surrounded himself with those he can control,where he dictates to the daily affairs of LIB Music. Why would Flex refuse to call on the service of great Liberian talents like D12,Foreign Ward, Christoph at the time and other creative artists to join the LIB music movement? The better the team and management, the better in values,worth and growth. Flex is naturally not an artist, he is charismatic with charms but his song writing and Vocal deliveries are substandard. Had he a competitive team where everyone sits at the round table and storms brains, Konvict would’ve been discussing extensions to their contracts. Assembling a team packed with mediocre was Flex‘s greatest undoings.

(3) LACK OF PROPER PUBLICITIES/BRANDINGS AND BAD PUBLIC IMAGES – Ordinarily it’s the duty of the label to give its artist(s) proper publicity,a likable and marketable image, that is when all terms and conditions are adequately discussed and agreed upon, the stipulations in Flex‘s contracts may have tied the label’s hands in exercising full control. Lib Music was given time, space and freedom to operate on what sound

Comes out of its camp. Instead of building  strong relationships with DJs, promoters bloggers and other media personalities, Flex started to get his hands dirty in nasty social media fights notably with blogger/promoter Berenice Mulbah. Every artist first target is his people, his home. But back home people started misinterpreting Flex’s character and it reduced his fan base drastically even more. Bloggers can make or break an artist, especially upcoming artists, Flex should’ve of course known this as former manager and promoter.

 Flex has made several attempts to reconnect and reclaim his lost glories but his constant involvement in controversial issues is hampering him even more.  They say opportunity comes but once in a lifetime but only fools will think it’s over when life knocks them down. My advice to Mr Flex Sir leaf is,when life gives you a deserving second chance, take it and make the most out of it. Make sure the mistakes don’t get repeated. You can surely find a way to the top, it doesn’t have to be you or no one else’s scenario. Maybe your calling in music is to promote artists or maybe you were born to do music but something is holding that back. Find a balance and you’ll be in a better place to climb and stay there.

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