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Last year Jaredo was at the first edition of the LYA where he watched his mentor CIC bag the Artist of the year, this must have been one of those moments that have inspired him to improve drastically on his sound and his brand. The past LYA raised the bar for awards in Liberia especially in the area of credibility because our eyes were opened through the Categories, if we should go by the truth those categories either old or New produced winners that have set New trends that have changed a lot of things positively. We had few errors at the LYA 2018 but it didn’t lead to extreme panic because we all understood that it was the first time this Credible award would be hosted, but this year some errors won’t creep by without us pointing at them because we expect the organizers to have learnt from the past. Jaredo not being nominated for Artist of the year is questionable especially with the fact that there are artist that were nominated like Christoph that didn’t perform outstandingly as much as JAJA, then artist like Stunna who found his way to the list by having great videos like Jaredo, Featuring International Artists Just the same way Jaredo did then painfully this Young Act Jaredo was now left out by LYA. You know there’s politics in Entertainment too and i pray the LYA is not dabbling into this crazy act or LYA would be shooting themselves in the Leg.

Jaredo is not the only one who has suffered from this error, some other nominees in categories outside of music and Entertainment are victims too,it would be alright if this decision made by the LYA can be explained to the Public because we trust them to be the only Award Organizers that gives you what you deserve and LYA is the only Liberian Award that has a balance system where winners are voted and also the panel of Judges choices have a huge influence because a nominee cant just win because he has the highest vote than someone that truly deserves it with a reasonable amount of vote. The LYA is very much anticipated, can’t just wait for June 8 for those that have worked so hard during this past year to be recipients of this honorary Award.

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