She came back from the market the other day, all she complained about was the ridiculous price tags attached to the food stuffs she bought, “You can’t predict the price of things in the market no more” she voiced out bitterly. Few days later, On a Friday to be exact i was at the same market buying food stuffs, since things are crazily expensive and difficult for both buyers and sellers, i was expecting to be congested in an environment where everyone would be nagging and venting at the poor state of our Nation. But What did i see? A scattered presence of Market women at different angles and some customers that couldn’t resist the happy mood seriously having a boogie session, dancing to the songs being played by a DJ stationed at the center of the market. This is not my first time noticing the DJ because he is always there sharing songs and videos to the phones of people in exchange for money, but for real this is my first time seeing such reaction from the market sellers and buyers,i felt i was at a Club where Liberia’s all time best DISC JOCKEY DJ Nelly was playing. I was Entertained by what Liberian Music was doing at that moment for all of us, at least for some minutes we were able to forget the hardship, but this Hardship could be a thing of the past if the Liberian Government like other Governments in Countries in which Entertainment brings huge revenue into the Account of the Nation like every other sector would… Let’s look at the United States and the Great role Hollywood is playing in its economy, Billions of Dollars is being earned as unemployment reduces and real estates becomes vibrant because apart from the fact that Hollywood is a popular tag for the Entertainment industry there, it’s also an area where the rich and mighty in this industry and wealthy people from other sector lives. Let’s leave the United States to talk about Bollywood in India or Nollywood in Nigeria? These two Entertainment Industries have taken the worries of Unemployment from their Country’s Government because millions of citizens get jobs at different areas of need. The Entertainment Industry of these countries i mentioned is enough to move Liberia forward without us depending on Free-port or any other sector for funds to improve the condition of the country. Is it too late to build such an Entertainment Industry in Liberia? No it’s not, in fact it’s much easier to export Entertainment than Diamond,Gold,Rubber and whatever that we have has Natural Resources, look at what the Nigerians have done with Afro Beat, this sound is of high demand in the western world and this automatically brings back foreign currency into the country for the services of the Musicians and their crew which includes media guys, event planners, medical practitioners and so on.

If the President of the Republic of Liberia invests heavily in the Entertainment Sector Henry Costa wouldn’t have much to criticize him for because everything would be perfectly fine. Our top entertainers for example CIC would be compared to WIZKID, with that kind of powerful spotlight CIC can just partner
with NIKE just like what WIZKID did but instead of making Jerseys he can partner with them on dope foot wears designed with CRALORBOI on them and the rubber and some materials used to create those foot wears should be taken from Liberia with a cost. Answer me, isn’t that a fantastic way for the Artist and the Nation as a whole to generate wealth? Then let’s imagine a Frank Artus movie or a Korto Davies movie sponsored by the Government in partnership with Sony or Warner Brothers, acted in Liberia with Hollywood stars like Denzel Washington, Leonardo Dicaprio and other big Hollywood names, movies focused round interesting subject matters that boast about the Liberian Heritage and our experiences as a people. Do you know what movies like this would do? it would bring in more foreign visitors into this nation for them to have the Liberian Experience which will thereby be a door opener for profitable tourism, our tourist centers would be explored.

Dubai has crude oil but this Nation has invested so much in tourism in a way that every single soul just wants to go to Dubai for a visit even if it’s just for a day to have a piece of that Paradise. When there’s a boom in tourism you won’t worry about bad roads because they won’t exist because you would want the tourists to go to wherever in the country through safe roads , Electricity would be everywhere in Liberia because we won’t want the millions of foreigners visiting our nation regularly to live in darkness. Agriculture would be fruitful because we would love to meet up to standards because this sector knows that they have a Nation to feed especially tourists that wouldn’t want to starve after spending so much to enjoy the Hospitality of Mama Liberia. Security would be stronger because they know they have lives to protect including foreigners that need to return to their countries unhurt, if not it’s trouble for us as a Nation. The secret of a Successful Entertainment Industry in a country is how it effortlessly gives birth to a fast growing tourism sector. I will say this once more but in a more likable way, i believe the President and Henry Costa would be best friends if the President can just pump money into entertainment. We need a National theater in this country like that of Ghana and Nigeria and Multiple state of the art event centers all over the Nation. We need Special Advisers on Entertainment to the President, maybe a Minister of Entertainment, this Minister would create a Check and Balance and trust me the Liberian music union and movies union will have a middle man to the President. The President has done well by gifting celebs like Kobazzie, Angel Michael and so on with Brand new automobiles, thrown few dollars at some projects relating to Entertainment, But let me say this for the third and last time, if the President makes more investments in Entertainment he would definitely escape from the Claws of Henry Costa because we won’t be living dwelling in poverty but in true wealth as a Nation.

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