Bucky Raw dropped a viral video fuming with anger like a dragon with fire in his mouth, saying words that could stare up series of controversy. One of the things he said that caught my attention is that CIC only became a Superstar because of Quincy B’s death. I am not writing this to defend CIC but my intention is to provoke critical thinking, does Bucky Raw know that it wasn’t only CIC that was with the Late Quincy B in that car? Bucky and his Nation may want to counter my question by saying that Yes! They know Margas and Feouls were in that car too but nothing happened to them like CIC that broke his leg horribly and was flown to Ghana for special treatment and surgery. What do you mean nothing happened to Feouls and Margas? These guys may not have been injured physically like CIC and the late QB but emotionally they were torn apart, traumatized and struggled with the Stigma it brought because most people said CIC, Margas and Feouls used QB for rituals. Now Bucky Raw should know that it’s not only CIC that got extra fame from the fatal car accident, Margas and Feouls  received their own share of popularity too! Even the Late Quincy B got more famous from his own death? When he was alive who spoke about him or showed love to him like when he was dead? Actually I am perplexed that Bucky is accusing CIC of stealing shine from a bad situation when his hands is in the same dirt, is it not the deportation story that made him a bigger artist here than when he was in America? His beef with Christoph also contributed to his Super Stardom, So what’s Bucky Raw really driving at? If he is trying to say CIC wouldn’t have been a Lonestar Cell MTN Ambassador if the person holding the post didn’t die then Bucky should just reset his mind and know that even if Quincy B is still with us now CIC would still have grown big and if not Lonestar Cell MTN, CIC would certainly be the Ambassador to Orange Liberia because this Company wouldn’t buy over Cellcom then watch a talent like CIC waste when he would have given them the edge and advantage QB provided with his brand to their rival Lonestar Cell MTN, these companies would do so much to tap into the fan base of these A list artist because the money they came into this country for is in the hands of the people and the easiest way to get it is to use the Celebrities that have their full attention. Truth be told, Bucky has the fan base and value that could get him an endorsement deal with Orange Liberia but unfortunately his involvement with hard drugs, woman assault which led to his deportation wouldn’t make this Great Telecommunication company ruin their image with his lifestyle, Remember I stated this in a previous story even with screenshots of discussions between Orange Liberia Executives and Karishma De Queen where she was pleading that Bucky Should be considered for a position he would have gotten with ease if he had a clean record.

In the viral video Bucky really sounded like CIC is putting too much pressure on him and playing a lot of underground games but in the public eye he is playing saint. The Question to who hacked LYA Awards voting website hasn’t still been answered, all fingers are being pointed at CIC because he topped his category overnight with outrageous figures after being below Bucky Raw who was number one in the category of Artist of the year. Yeah! Anyone would feel cheated and be frustrated but Bucky should know fully well that CIC topping the Category with votes doesn’t really mean he will win, it’s still a tight situation because the LYA Judges still has a huge role to determine who will go home with the crown of Artist of the year so instead of Bucky feeling down and depressed he should be hopeful because anything can happen.  Bucky Raw is always ready for beef as we all know but CIC claims that as far as he is concerned he is not in beef with any Liberian artist whether home or abroad, Since CIC made this clear to the world through social media it would be unrealistic to say that there’s bad blood in between Bucky Raw and CIC, But right now it’s impossible to call them friends.


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