“FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” This is a popular philosophy that perfectly defines “FAITH” in the Entertainment Industry. But What i want to know is, should you continue faking it even when it is as clear as sunshine that it wouldn’t work?
Entertainment is the world of make believe and that’s what keeps the fans and audience amused and happy,
but when things are ridiculously unreal the same people that where cheering and clapping for you would have a reality check and be the same people that would use those same hands and mouth that praised you to pick up stones to throw at you and with disgust would insult you.
Sekou Jabateh played this thing called soccer until CIC got so inspired that he made a hit song with his name. This same guy called Sekou Jabateh in a Champions League match where the whole world was watching gave multiple award winning world best player Christiano Ronaldo a hell of a game with his great tackles, Didn’t you sleep that night feeling so proud of being a Liberian just because of Sekou’s outstanding performance? I used to think it’s until someone dies that’s when they stop existing to us, but really Death only comes when Man shifts from his God given purpose on earth to irrelevant things that would only lead to a shameful ending.We no longer watch Sekou on TV play Soccer no more not because we don’t have Television at our homes or because football viewing centers have been banned in the country but because our Boy Sekou Jabateh instead of focusing on his career chose pleasure and found extreme comfort in womanizing and reckless spending of his hard earned millions. To speak about Sekou’s present reality he is terribly broke, he can’t afford to pay for a surgery on his injured leg which could revive his Dead Football Career, but this injured leg haven’t stopped Sekou from gallivanting around and stopping at the hottest Night clubs and Events. If Sekou is broke how come he doesn’t get bounced out of these Night clubs and Events? The name Sekou Jabateh is very big
and that’s what he is still living on, Sekou could walk into a Night Club and still drink anything he wants because there is no way he wouldn’t see a fan or a friend that would gladly meet up with his needs of drinking himself away as if he owns the Night Club. When there was money in the pockets of Sekou Jabateh, rumors of him lodging in expensive hotels with numerous girls was everywhere when he could possibly just save cost by residing at his home.
Women still chase after him, but majority are high school girls that are so desperate to be with a Star, He doesn’t deal with the taste and class of women he used to have before his bank account got frozen for whatsoever reason. There is still one more person to put my mouth on in the part 1 of this article and that is Homeboy Jethro the Spiritualist, What a Switch? who would ever imagine that Homeboy Jethro would abandon his music career to be someone that heals people and solve problems with powers gotten from venus and pluto? Honestly! this situation would make you laugh as if you are watching will smith’s Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. isn’t he mean’t to be a Super duper producer as we speak since Infectious Michael sent him and Yung Classic to Ghana to learn Music Production? So why would he just flush everything down the drain? Most People say that the reason for Homeboy Jethro’s deceitful life is because of his Addiction to weed, so this doesn’t make him realize that he is losing it, he feels he his making the right choices. Homeboy claims to be a spiritualist that helps people figure out their lives but still he hasn’t figured out his own life, some people have to stop being fake mehn! By the way i am sure you enjoyed reading this piece, Part 2 is on it’s way for you to read and digest as you did to this one.

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