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My intention was to direct this towards Fashion and that’s practically because of this question i have asked various damsels while interviewing them on Red carpets of Events, “How Long did it take you to do your make up?” The replies i get can be shocking, Some will say 45 minutes, Some an hour, While some will say 3 hours or even more. When the time frame exceeds reality, like 24hours! then i can wonder if it’s a whole house she’s painting, isn’t it just a face she has to make up? But really we can’t blame our women, if they don’t go all the way to look perfectly beautiful for us we the men would still be the ones to make our mouth long and complain bitterly, even go as far as comparing her to your friend or neighbor’s girl that looks like a Barbie Doll anytime she steps out.

The other day Benita Urey walked passed me at an Event and in that swift moment which wasn’t up to a minute, My eyes felt satisfied with the improvement in how she looks, She no longer looks as if she just dropped into the Urey Multi Billion Dollar Empire from the Sahara desert, She used to be ugly and rough when you meet her in person that time, She’s Photogenic so that was her saving grace on social media, Pictures can deceive O! Especially that time she was with Christoph. Actually, Her before and after just states that Liberian Musicians have to upgrade their lives, they claim to have everything but when a Sugar Daddy takes your girl, the money he spends on her makes it clear to you that you thought you spent money but you didn’t spend a dime just chicken change compared to what the Brabee gives her.

I would loudly say that the Crazy drama between her and Michelle Doe who was her ride and die now former Best friend makes me wonder why Daughters of Men that have real money would stoop low to the stage where they are living from hand to mouth like beggars, breaking other women marriages, depriving other people’s fathers from taking good care of their kids because they have to fend for some rich men children in exchange for sex that their wives can give them. Michelle’s Explosion on her friend is as dangerous as the bombs that went off during the Liberian civil war. She even said her friend who could be counted as her sworn enemy, Benita Urey is on medication for Hiv/aids, True! Michelle said Hiv symptoms but she was just trying to be nice even as she exposes Benita, Is there really a difference? Hiv is Hiv, whether symptoms or the disease itself.

Have you ever had a heart to heart talk with Michelle before?
she’s a very emotional person, we are often blown away by her light skin that can be linked to her mom’s German heritage and the slay Queen image she exhibits, but from my close observation from an interview i had with her early this year Michelle is still a little girl that is kind of stucked in the body of an adult that pushes her to do things she is not ready for. The rumor is she ran away from home to prove that she can stand on her own grounds, Michelle’s baby brother who is still a teenager drives around in his own Jeep which is a gift from their parent and he goes to a very expensive high school. So do you think if her baby brother is enjoying the best out of life her parent would have treated her other wise if she was home, Michelle just got carried away by peer pressure thinking that freedom on the streets is independence. There is time for everything in life, she could have used her parents wealth to build her dreams because it’s your parent’s responsibility to train you on how to extend their Legacy and riches in a way that suites your personality and uniqueness. But Michelle wanted the wild life and now she has it, Benita insulted her that she is focusing on pleasing someone else’s married man when she’s young with surplus energy to build her own brand.
The only thing Michelle has right now is her godfather, her investments in The Liberian Influence is nothing but past tense since her and Benita may never settle this fight. She looks like the biggest loser because everyone is thinking where will she start from? I know a lady that  came from a poor home, all these young guys were toying with her heart, this lady found herself a sugar daddy that saw how focus and business minded she is… now as am talking this lady is filthy rich with chains of businesses, still very loyal to her sugar daddy. What am trying to say with this example is that since Michelle is in the whole  Sugar Daddy thing already, she should just use her head to think,  do things that would make her in control of her own life and stop living in the reality that money is only used to buy expensive clothes and weaves. if Michelle stops being lazy, uses her brain as much as she uses her body, then she could balance her life. By the way there’s none between these two ladies Benita and Michelle that deserves to be called an expensive face in the Liberian Entertainment industry, what have they really achieved? Can you compare them to women like Master Queen, Korto Davies , Satta Sheriff who is an Human Right Activist and so on? These women have attached value to their faces beyond make up, made their own money from their own sweat and blood, even if at any point of their lives they had to depend on a sugar daddy, would you know? Because of how they carry themselves maturely with Respect and dignity.
Girls fight is all about revealing secrets, if they are not stripping each other naked then they would verbally expose each other brutally, Benita and Michelle are not good role models, they should both bury their faces in their hands in shame!


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