I once heard that the worst things in life are for free because bad situations occur most times without our permission, But are they really for free? because the cost of this shortcoming is our heart which gets broken in the process, Our time which should have been invested in something else but ends up being consumed in trying to resolve the disaster so life can go back to the way it used to be or even better. The last time i saw Mrs Sondia Tubman before now was at her Home situated in the Neighborhood of Matadi, to be precise she was living in the Peaceful Matadi Estate Where she had a free school named after herself Rev. Sondia School of Quality Education, RSSQE for short. My visit to her home that day was to have an Exclusive interview with her son Lorenzo who is well celebrated as a genius when it comes to Photography and Video Directing and also the Father to Young Hipco Rapper Ziggy Ray. As i and Lorenzo Spoke about the Great Man he has become through his Art and a Proud Father to a 10 year old son that’s adored by multitudes of Lovers of Good Music, i observed that he didn’t do this by magic but through a blooming attitude that was watered and nurtured by his Beloved Mother Rev. Sondia who raised him and his Sister Angie Valerie Henries as a single Mom. While interviewing her Son that day, i had times i watched her interact with the students of her school, with what i saw Rev. Sondia treats every child like her own Child which is a something that’s so rare in our Society where a lot of parents hardly pay attention to their own children not to now talk of someone else’s child. It was emotional to see her take care of these children as if it was stress free, I left Her Home that day very happy not only because of my Interview with Lorenzo but for the fact that i saw the definition of mother’s love being expressed in its purest form. I Knew i was going to Interview Rev. Sondia Someday, i could have asked for her permission to do so that day because i was so inspired by her personality, but she wouldn’t have been ready because she was so busy with the Children. I am glad to announce to you that this story is a product of me finally interviewing Her, so my wishes came through, but sadly i wasn’t able to interview her at her Home where she had her school that enrolled 287 students for free, Her Church Word of Life International Ministries Incorporated, where she preached the Gospel of Christ and the Studio where her Grand Son Ziggy Ray makes all his Hit song and also where her Son Lorenzo uses has his Creative Zone for his Extraordinary works.

What’s more sad is that Rev. Sondia lost her home in a Fire accident, with the kind of person she is she wouldn’t pray for this to happen to anyone, but she finds herself going through the horrible pain of being homeless. I met Rev. Sondia for her interview at the home of her Brother inlaw, Former Minister of Information of the Republic of Liberia and Professor at the Liberan Service institute Rev.J Emmanuel Z. Bowier. His Home is a Paradise to behold but still i could see through the eyes of Rev. Sondia that she misses her home and that’s simply because of this Popular Adage “There’s no place like home” and mostly because the burnt building hasn’t allowed her to exercise her calling as a Preacher and an Educationist. When you lose something so dear to you it’s so easy for your self esteem to be affected because you wouldn’t know where to start from, But Rev. Sondia is Just a beautiful soul in this world of ours, this was glaring when she was asked to define herself and she said this, “I am a middle man and i see myself as a channel that conveys help from those that are willing to help to those that don’t have”. Even with the tough time, Her mind is still bent on uplifting others, She continued by telling me that she has been doing Charity work for over 14years now, She started in Ghana where she took it upon herself to care for the Underprivileged, Orphans, Single Women, Old Folks and the rest. She said there was a time in Ghana on the Liberia Refugee Camp where she was the President of Unregistered Refugees women. This didn’t mean that she wasn’t Registered but if she didn’t play this vital role many Unregistered women won’t have food and other things that should have come their way. I asked Rev. Sondia that What’s her Biggest Challenge when it comes to her being a good Samaritan to those in need? She replied and said, “My Biggest Challenge has been lack of financial support, it’s extremely difficult not to have anyone to help you”. This i could understand because now that she has lost her Home which housed her School, Church and Charity Programs, she would need help to get those things back. Rev. Sondia is a very Straight forward woman, She said right now she needs people both home and abroad to respond to her call for help, She can’t get all that was lost without the help of others. I was really touched as she spoke, She even shared her long term goal with me, She said she would love to own a Home for the Underprivileged, where Orphans and every needy person would be catered for. I got to know some interesting facts about Rev. Sondia, I never knew she was Former Official Translator and French Tutor to the Late President of the Republic of Liberia Samuel K. Doe.

I never Knew she schooled in France at the Cavilam School Of Languages Under the auspices of Clement Ferrond University. I never knew she spoke at the Providence Baptist Church at the Vigil International Women Program six years ago. I never knew she had a radio program called The real issues of life and on this program the students from her school sometimes go live on air to do debates and spelling. This was her way of exposing the Students to how to benefit themselves with the media. And finally i never knew that her daughter Angie Valerie Henries is in law school. Women like Rev. Sondia Tubman should be celebrated more in our society, She is indeed a Wonder woman.

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